The Bookworm Beat 6/24/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

I would say that the Brexit vote left me EUphoric, but that would be wrong. From now on, I’m just phoric. And for added phoria, some great political cartoons and a few just plain silly things:


Brexit EU without England

Brexit Thatcher on Europe

Brexit Epcot

Guns and gay right to self protection

Guns Martin Luther King

Guns Democrats don't get guns

Gun control Leftist hypocrisy

Gun Control Jim Jones

Gun tyrants with guns

Guns Honduras v Switzerland

Gun tyranny Hitler Trump

Guns Trump rallies

Guns Chicago

Government Waco not Orlando worse

Obama refuses to blame Islam

Islam Obama won't recognize

Obama cares about Muslims not Americans

Obama Muslims Islam


Islam Muslim terrorism over the years

Islam Muslim violence Franklin Graham

Islam the terrorist brain

Islam Muslim immigrants

Islam prayer yes Christian prayer no

Stupid leftists caving to Islam

Islam Crusades were a response

Racist to speak about Muslims

Hillary nuclear codes risk

Hillary and Bill as Bonnie and Clyde

Hillary no indictment

Hillary Captain Kangaroo

Hillary at Chipotle

Hillary incoherent ideas

Trump haters

Blacks slavery

Stupid leftists boxers

Stupid Leftists vaccinations

Stupid leftists gay men gorillas

Gender bathroom

Government TSA VA lines

Wisdom compassion and convictions Rick Warren

Silly yoga joke

Silly dog assembly

Silly etch-a-sketch