Do they even listen to themselves? (Another conversation with a Leftist)

Brexit pillow regsThe backdrop to my latest insane conversation with a Leftist is Brexit: The Movie. If you haven’t yet seen it, you should, because it explains how utterly unaccountable the EU’s decision-makers are to the people whose lives they control. It explains why the British wanted to leave this profoundly undemocratic entity.

In one small section of the movie, as a way to illustrate the overwhelming number of regulations governing every aspect of life in the EU, the film purported to follow someone from the time he woke up and looked at the number of regulations affecting him. This includes an allusion to a number of regulations governing pillows. You can see that bit starting at 32 minutes into the video:

Cute, right? It makes graphic a fact that every person within the EU knows to be true, which is that the EU lives to micromanage everything. You may be willing to buy an imperfectly curved banana or a slightly small kiwi, but you’re not given that choice. In the EU, it’s either perfect or it’s not allowed. And if it’s imperfect, it must be destroyed. (In a scary way, the EU is to vegetables what the Nazis were to human beings.)

Anyway, now that Jon Stewart is off the air, my Leftist friend gets her news from John Oliver. In a segment supporting “remain,” the elitist, Leftist John Oliver acknowledged Brexit: The Movie by pointing out that three of the regulations referencing pillows actually applied to things other than the type of pillows used for sleeping. Oliver’s attack on the movie begins 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the video, below, and ends at 5 minutes and 14 seconds, with most of the time being given over to a silly Platypus joke.

Other than that 45-second shtick, Oliver mounts no challenges to the assertions in Brexit: The Movie — a movie that is more than an hour long and covers myriad topics.

With this background in mind, please enjoy the following “I swear it’s true” conversation I had last evening with my Leftist friend:

Leftist:  I suppose you support Britain’s leaving the EU.

Me: Yes.

Leftist:  That vote was totally racist.

Me:  I don’t see it that way. I see it as a country with a democratic history rebelling against rule by bureaucrats, with their millions of micro-managing regulations.  I sent you the link to Brexit: The Movie. If you watched it, that explains a lot of what was driving the vote.

Leftist:  I haven’t watched it, but John Oliver did. He showed that, in the segment where the movie claims to show how many regulations affect people’s lives, the thing about pillows was wrong.  Some of the regulations they list don’t even involve real pillows. As far as I’m concerned, that discredits the entire movie.

[Conversation wanders to politics, and just  a couple of minutes later, this occurs.]

Leftist:  I suppose you’re voting for Trump.

Me:  Well, I can’t vote for Hillary.

Leftist: You “can’t” vote for Hillary?  What’s that supposed to mean?

Me:  She’s utterly corrupt. More than that, she will be, or at least should be, indicted for the numerous national security laws she’s broken.

Leftist:  Don’t be ridiculous.  That’s nothing.

Me (thinking to myself):  So three minor errors discredit an entire substantive movie, but decades of corruption, capped by blatant violating our national security laws, which exposed our secrets and our operatives to our enemies, is “nothing”?  As always, I am silenced, because there is nothing I can say in the face of such abject idiocy.