The Bookworm Beat 9/27/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

I’m making a slight change to how I present political cartoons in future. Some of my blog friends have reported expensive, losing fights because they published political cartoons or other images that were obviously, or not so obviously, subject to copyright claims. To prevent that, I will no longer publish proprietorial political cartoons. Instead, you’ll just find here endless and wonderful political cartoons and social issue posters that creative people have freely released into the world.

Hillary's deplorables and supporters

Hillary on terrorism and police shootings

Hillary ready for debate

Hillary coughing Lewinsky

Hillary don't blow it

Leadership Reagan bombed Libya

Stupid liberals racist move to Canada not Mexico

Stupid liberals professors should teach for free

Islam Muslim countries that could take them

Islam we import people who hate us

Immigration lunatics import people who want to kill us

Immigration if you don't like us leave

Gun self defense Sheriff David Clarke

Race black and whites need to own actions

Obama voter in 2012

Israel deal with Obama

Israel Golda Meir on not cooperating with Arab genocide

Israel Palestine not a peace partner

Israel rabbit eats Arab wolf

Government forces Christians not Muslims

Government too powerful if it defines your life

Socialism patriotic to protest

Gender bathrooms problem

Gender transgender plug

Education Mike Rowe on money wasted on useless degrees

Wisdom Einstein on cluttered desk

Wisdom walk alone rather than in wrong direction

Silly Sleeping in

Silly Globe antique GPS

For more excellent political and social issue commentary, be sure to visit WOW! Magazine, the collaborative online magazine from the Watcher’s Council.