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Donald Trump NOT Right Wing

Trump is not Right Wing because America has no Right Wing

American conservatives, Trump included, by definition cannot be Right Wing, because their primary goal is to lessen government control over the individual. John Lott wrote an article challenging the media’s contention that the New Zealand mosque shooter is “right wing” and, naturally, tying that right-winged-ness to President Trump and his

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Milo Yiannopoulos

Learning to love the brilliant and controversial Milo Yiannopoulos *UPDATED*

[And timing is everything. The day after I wrote an encomium to Milo, who speaks forcefully about (among other things) gender dysphoria and the danger to children in bathrooms, PJ Media claims he supports gay pedophilia — or, at least, being a provocateur, provocatively says things he implies he does.

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[VIDEO] Government’s manifest destiny, unless actively reined in, is to become tyrannical

In response to my post about big government being a force multiplier for evil, David Foster posed an excellent question: “Progressives,” and even traditional liberals, would argue that while government may have the potential of being force multipliers for evil, they are also irreplaceable force multiplier for *good*. Devil’s Advocate

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Because government is a force multiplier for evil, a vote for the small government candidate is a vote for good

I was struggling to explain to a Bernie supporter why his “compassionate” politics will not stop the risks to Americans from further socializing and therefore growing American government.  In military terminology, a force multiplier is a single capability that, when added to an enterprise, dramatically increases the effect. The problem with

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The Bookworm Beat (10/18/14) — Saturday night special edition, Open Thread

After a day of wholesome domesticity, what could be better than a little political commentary? As was the case yesterday, I want to begin with a comment about a Facebook poster a liberal friend put up. This one has to do with complaints about the Obama administration’s anything-but-rapid response to Ebola,

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The Bookworm Beat (10/3/14) — End of the week roundup and Open Thread

Ebola in America is a failure of Big Government Yesterday I pointed out that, in all times and all places, protecting a population from epidemic disease is one of government’s core functions. (It’s irrelevant that these efforts often failed; government was still expected to make them.) Obama is failing that

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