What my Progressive Facebook friends are reading and saying

My Progressive Facebook friends’ feeds remind me that there are two Americas: mine, which is reality-based and conservative, versus theirs, which is delusional, paranoid, angry, and threatening. I thought I’d give you a look-see at what I routinely find on my real-me Facebook feed. Here’s the detritus I picked up from a stroll down my feed:

This sad Native American poster is meant to show Trump supporters are hypocrites, but I think it’s very insightful: America did bad things to the Indians, we’ve repented, and now we want to make darn sure no one else does these things to us. Learning from experience sounds smart to me.
Somehow the people complaining about this were never upset about the $85 million dollars we eventually spent on Obama family vacations, including having the kids tag along on “business” trips.
I wonder why the article doesn’t mention that Democrats asked DeVos to answer well over 1,400-1,600 questions in a matter of days. That’s an invitation to picayune errors.
You can see Lakoff’s resistance tactics below:

Doesn’t Tactic 1 make it sound as if the Democrats are confusing President Trump with Voldemort? Oh, wait, they’re not confused. They mean to do so.

Don’t you long for the days when you could watch a game without being besieged by politics?
I find the sudden concern for the economy — especially Texas’s economy — rather charming now that President “Kill The Economy” Obama is out of office.
Run! Hide! It’s the end of national security as we know it: Steve Bannon has dared to identify Islamic fundamentalism as dangerous. Victims of ISIS, Al Shabaab, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran’s Mullah’s, al Qaeda, and the Taliban could not be reached for comment.
I read an article about this problem. The high radiation currently means that the ongoing clean-up in Japan will slow down. Clearly, it’s the end of the world as we know it.
And this is how the Progressives think they’ll win over the hearts and minds of Trump voters. More of this stuff, and everybody will celebrate Trump’s election.
Paul Krugman, former Enron adviser and professional drama queen, also said the stock market will collapse permanently under President Trump. I don’t put a lot of faith in Krugman’s predictions.
At least half my Progressive Facebook friends posted this picture along with various forms of verbal applause.
Yeah, Kellyanne’s a big faker. How could be dumb enough to she confuse a terrorist massacre in Chattanooga, Tennessee (or Fort Hood, or San Bernardino, or Boston, or New York, for that matter) with a massive terrorist plot broken up in Bowling Green, Kentucky?
Gosh, it’s deja vu all over again. I’m sure I read virtually the same headlines annually from 1980-1988 and again from 2000-2008.
Imagine that! President Trump was miffed that the Australian PM was trying to foist on him over a thousand potentially dangerous refugees thanks to a sleazy last-minute Obama bargain.
Funnily enough (speaking of funny), I didn’t find Franken either polite, diplomatic, spectacular or “slammy.”
Scratch a Progressive, and you’ll invariably find a fascist demanding the end of free speech.
Peeps, let me explain: Trump is the new boss in town, so he gets to set the tone and make rules, just as the old bosses have done. And the fact that you’re tweeting, rather than in jail, means you’re still safe in America.
Gosh! I thought that was a picture of the EPA’s disastrous pollution spill in Colorado — you know, the one that now sees the EPA refusing to compensate all the property owners who suffered injuries because of the spill.
I can’t even….
Yes, Democrats! By all means, please, please cut of your noses to spite your faces. Indeed, I think you’ll look good that way — self-neutered.
Let me see if I get this straight: Sexual preference, which is manifested through conduct, is an involuntary thing, while gender, which is manifested at our core genetic and biological level, is a choice. And they say conservatives are waging a war on science….