I’m screaming here: #BoycottTheBoycotters who hate conservatives

#BoycottTheBoycottersI’m not sure that I’m hollering this loudly enough: Republicans and other conservatives need to #BoycottTheBoycotters: That is, they need to stop giving money to the rapidly growing list of businesses, both at home and abroad, that have taken the pledge to stop advertising at Breitbart based upon the claim that Breitbart is racist, bigoted, and evil.

You know what that decision means? It means that all of these companies have decided that, by extension, you, mainstream people who reject the MSM’s endless lies, hysteria, and hate, and who turn to an up-and-coming media presence that eschews that garbage, are also racist, bigoted, and all sorts of evil. This has nothing to do with whether the boycott is actually affecting Breitbart. It has everything to do with the fact that, if the Left is going to politicize everything, we need to start politicizing everything right back.

Please remember: The Left has turned the NFL into a political football (yes, pun intended), first with the disgraceful “take a knee” campaign and, just recently, with the foul attacks against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the whole Patriots team, simply because Brady and Belichick are friends with President Trump. Again, it doesn’t matter if these attacks affect Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots. What matters is that these attacks target you. If it’s not going to kill you, don’t watch the Super Bowl tomorrow. Your viewing decision won’t affect the game’s outcome, but it might tell the NFL that you matter just as much as the hate-filled Progressives.

Oh, and don’t forget those Super Bowl advertisers. Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to watch the game to watch the commercials. You already know about Budweiser’s heavy-handed immigration shtick and Audi’s outdated, inaccurate, and plain stupid Third-Wave feminism statistics. They’ve decided to wave into the political fray and they’ve sided with the Progressives. Their decisions need to have consequences. Even if I weren’t consciously saying, “I’m going to boycott them,” the truth is that, if I were standing in the store contemplating which beer to buy, I’d get a sick feeling just looking at Bud.

There’s a very large principle at stake here: What matters is that the Left is insisting that, in all things, conservatives are second class citizens and that they the marketplace, at the very least, needs to marginalize them and, optimally, it should destroy them. This is what happens when Communists target the free market.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Democrats are doing what they managed to do successfully in the South with Jim Crow for almost 100 years — they’re creating a boycott against entire communities of people based on typical Democrat bigotry and prejudice. The only difference is that, this time, it’s the Republicans who are the new blacks. This is a fine irony considering that it was the Republicans who led both the first Civil Rights movement freeing the blacks from slavery and the second Civil Rights movement freeing the blacks from the old Jim Crow.

And yes, I’m P.O.’d, because no matter how loudly I stand here hollering that conservatives and Republicans need to engage in this battle, I’m not gaining any traction. The Left is gaining traction, though: In the five weeks since I last posted on this subject, before I went on vacation, Sleeping Giants, the twitter organization that piggy-backed on the Kellogg’s boycott against Breitbart has added almost 500 companies to its list.

In case you want to know which companies have been piling on against you in just the past few weeks, they’re the ones highlighted in red on the chart below. The others got on the bandwagon earlier. To view the chart, click on it, and it will show up in a new window. Then click on it again to enlarge the text.


I’m hoping that the noise I’m making this time gets some traction. I don’t know if Paul Mirengoff is echoing me or I’m echoing him, but he had a post Saturday that’s also entitled Boycott the Boycotters. His post addresses the fact that both Needless Markup and Boredstrom have suddenly (and oh-so-concidentally) decided to jettison Ivanka Trump’s clothes. Her fashion line was quite popular before the Left turned on her for being her father’s daughters. Again, it’s not about whether her bottom line is hurt. She can handle the financial hit. It’s about the attack on YOU.

Please: Take a stand. Progressives may hate capitalism, but they know that money talks and it’s time for conservatives, Republicans, and all those others who are realizing that there are many things much worse than a President Trump, who truly lives this country, to make their own money talk really loudly.

Speaking of loudly, have I screamed loudly enough? Can you hear me now?

Photo by twicepix