Jewish virtue-signalling about Muslim immigration is suicidal

Muslim ImmigrationIn last week’s L.A. Jewish Journal, editor Rob Eshman celebrated the fact that his wife, Rabbi Naomi Levi, sent out a huge virtue-signal about Muslim immigration: Bring ’em on; I’m not afraid!! After brooding on that bit of suicidal idiocy for a few days, my friend Lulu was moved to write a rebuttal, reminding Eshman, Levi, and any other virtue-signaling Jews (and Christians) out there that we have ample real-time proof the Muslims desperate to get into America are no like any other immigrants America has ever welcomed. I think you’ll find that, as I do, you agree with Lulu:

After the shock of 911, I realize that my response was to do something different than the vast majority of people in my liberal town/state. Instead of reading about how frightened Muslim-Americans felt about the inevitable anti-Muslim backlash (which never happened) from journalists who didn’t seem to know much about Islam, I went straight to the source, or as close to the source as I could as a non Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, or other Muslim majority country language speaker. That is, I went to YouTube and to and I listened to what Muslim people tell each other on their own television shows, news shows, and in their newspapers. Memri translates all this without judgment. They just expose the mentality, values and trends of parts of the world we must know more about. Some of the clips are horrifying. Some messages from reform minded people are hopeful. But what is obvious is that the cultures and values are hugely, enormously different than our own.

I saw television clips of preachers giving lessons on the proper techniques of wife beating. I saw discussions and sermons promoting the murder of apostates and infidels (that is, non-Muslims). I saw the basest of anti-Semitism, including blood libels, promulgated. I watched young Palestinian children on kiddie shows being encouraged to become suicide martyrs and murder Jews. I saw the defense of honor killings, female genital mutilation and support for the denial of rights for women as normative and right.

We all know how the Internet works. One link leads to another. I then saw articles about the pedophilia in Afghanistan, the kidnapped young boys forced to dance for men and perform sexually for them. I saw articles about young female children, under the age of ten sometimes, married to grown men or middle aged men who raped them. I read about young wives locked in their homes, so miserable and desperate to end their suffering that they literally set themselves on fire as their only means to escape. Picture after picture reveals the horror. I read about Christians burned, beaten, and stoned to death, their daughters kidnapped and forced to serve as sex slaves. I read about young couples who dared to fall in love dragged out of prison (jailed for being together) and beaten to death by lynch mobs. I read and saw pictures of gays tossed off buildings and hung in public squares. I read about the horrible mistreatment of animals; beasts of burden, dogs, bear baiting.

I would look at these source materials and think, how can America’s journalists not be aware of this? How can they be so naïve? But no one really wanted to look at these readily available films, photos and articles. They were uncomfortable, painful and challenged cherished points of view that all cultures were equally good or bad, we all worship the same God, and other Coke commercial clichés.

So I have watched with horror and dismay as Sweden, perhaps the most self-congratulatory nation on the planet, in a noble experiment and to atone for Swedes’ blond hair and fair complexions, took in an enormous number of people, primarily young men, from these precise cultures . . . expecting what to happen, exactly? Beautiful integration? Sexually outré Swedish metrosexuals sipping coffee with people who viewed them with contempt? No, the Swedes embraced their immigrants with wide open arms and assumed they’d be reciprocated with gratitude and worldwide accolades. Instead, Sweden has become known as the rape capital of Europe. Values collide. Just a few weeks ago, a group of Afghan asylum recipients filmed themselves on Facebook-live gang raping a young Swedish woman. Tack sa mycket, Sverige!

Historically, refugees have nearly always been primarily comprised of women, children, and the elderly, but the huge crowds of migrants that Merkel admitted into Germany and throughout Europe were largely young males, many from nations not currently war zones. What refugee flees and leaves his women and kids behind? Adults stated they were minors and, hidden in the midst of this vast group, were men who have since their admission committed terror attacks in France and Germany. Others are surely plotting to do so. Sexual assaults of German women has risen exponentially, as the New Year’s Eve mass gropings attest. Frighteningly, in all these nations, their media have endeavored to cover up who the perpetrators are. “Youths” commit the crimes.

In Rotherham, England, Pakistani pimps exploited young British girls, some only twelve years old, and plied them with drugs, raped them, and groomed them for prostitution. All the girls selected were non-Muslim “infidels.” British authorities pathetically and amorally knew about these crimes but let them continue to ruin lives for a decade because they were afraid of being branded “racist.” Young German women greeted the incoming migrants wearing placards saying, “Rapists, not racists.” Get it? A few rapes are worth the price for Germany to cleanse its sins of murdering Jews by bringing in huge numbers of people who would like to murder Jews.

And speaking of Jews, we have Jewish friends from France who can no longer walk to synagogue wearing a kippah or a star of David necklace, lest they be beaten up or worse. The couple, highly talented professionals both, have been trying to immigrate to the United States for years but have been unable to do so legally, tied up in red tape and complications. So they are stuck in France where they feel they have no future. There are no-go neighborhoods throughout France, especially in Paris, where sharia law holds sway. The police are even afraid to enter. This is where the French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was taken to when he was kidnapped and tortured to death. His torturers ritually chanted from the Koran on the telephone while his mother heard his screams.

I recite these horrors because, when cultures are so vastly different, countries need to be careful and protective of their citizens when people from these cultures want to immigrate. Over and over, Muslim immigrants in Britain, France, Sweden and other European nations have overtly and openly said that their ultimate goal is to take over a country they see as passive and weak. They contemptuously scoff at the sanctimonious pieties of the Europeans who believe they are benevolent because of their generous financial support while, at the same time, failing to integrate or understand the values of many of their new arrivals.

Among these immigrants are wonderful people, no doubt, perhaps even reform-minded people, but there are also a significant number of people who are not, whose values cherish the idea of Islamic world domination, and who have no intention of ever assimilating. I argue that to let those people in is culturally psychotic and suicidal. It’s not virtuous to be a fool. Virtue-huggers in the EU are ultimately responsible for enabling the gropings of the German girls, the rapes of the Swedish women, and the terrifying no-go zones of Paris. I’d just as soon not see this here in my beloved country.

Changes are already taking place, though, as the number of Muslim immigrants increases in the United States. It somehow doesn’t occur to the virtue-huggers that, as the number of Muslim immigrants rise, Muslims become more powerful, thus affecting school curriculum, politics, and so on. Things change. Look at anti-Jewish harassment at universities. The virtue signaling of today can become something much more frightening and less pleasant tomorrow.

This whole long lead-in is to express my, not astonishment because I’m not astonished, just embarrassed and disappointed, at what I read in an article in the LA Jewish Journal by editor Rob Eshman, so proud of his rabbi wife, Naomi Levy. Eshman writes that Levy, standing in front of her large congregation announced that she was frightened of many things.

“Then she asked, “But do you know what I’m not scared of?”

Voices from the congregation responded, “No what?”

Muslims,” she said. “I’m not scared of Muslims.”

And all at once, applause. A loud, long spontaneous ovation.

Naomi went on to hammer away at President Trump’s executive order…”

And, blah blah blah. Levy made offensive parallels to Holocaust refugees and the Muslims, some of whom are indeed in dire need. But unlike the Holocaust refugees, these Muslims do have options — other Muslim countries, for example — where they could settle. Likewise, unlike the Holocaust refugees who posed no security risk and came from societies with similar values, some of Muslim immigrants do pose serious security risks and, as I listed, may have very different values indeed. And Trump is not proposing a Muslim-ban. He is requesting a pause from certain highly terror prone hot spots.

Rob Eshman is super proud of his wife and wants to be proud of the rest of us too. Well, I’m afraid he will be disappointed in me because I think he, his wife, and their congregation, lovely people though they may be, are fools whose naiveté will ultimately cost lives. They are fools who comfortably live far from the poor communities where the Somalis and Syrians will be resettled. It is armchair virtuousness. You know, I’d like to see them promote the immigration of Yazidi or Christian refugees, who are in grave danger and pose no terror risk, but they don’t.

But since Rabbi Levy, Eshman, and their community are not afraid in theory, I pose a challenge to the congregation to show me they are not afraid in practice: Please go take a stroll through a Paris no-go zone together. Be sure to wear your kippah, Rabbi Levy. In fact, be sure to make your Jewishness known to all. Since you won’t be afraid and the experience is likely to be pleasant, why not next hop on a train and go to Malmo, Sweden for some multi-culti interactions, again publicly asserting your Jewish bona-fides, and then perhaps a little stroll through the Muslim Student Center at Oxford, or even attend a BDS meeting at the University of Michigan, UC Irvine, or UCLA as lovers of Israel? Why not visit Pakistan, Iran, Gaza, or Syria, openly, as a Jewish feminist with your unafraid congregants? Please let us know if any of these expeditions make you just little uncomfortable or intimidated, terrified, physically harmed or worse. Tolerance must run in two directions, but in this case, I see it only going in one.

Unlike Rabbi Levy, I am afraid of what far too many people do, have done and will do in the name of Islam. I am afraid of values totally discordant with my own, of taqquiya and sharia and the broad partial, or whole-hearted, support of killing of gays, Jews and Christians, suppression of women and the fundamentally anti-democratic impulses of a huge percentage of the world’s Muslims. More than half of British Muslims, for example, want homosexuality illegal and a quarter fully support the imposition of sharia law in their new homes. The numbers are much larger elsewhere. While it may strike some as intellectually inconsistent that a hijab wearing Muslim woman, Linda Sarsour, could be one of the organizers of the anti-Trump women’s march of pussy hats and labia headgear, perhaps the marchers were unaware of her public support of Hamas and sharia law.

A long time ago, I helped a disabled Muslim man with a court case and I discovered that he had lied to me about important testimony. I expressed concern to the charming Arab-American attorney who was working the case pro bono and he told me, “You know, the thing about Muslims is that we lie all the time.” He paused and said, “Well, it’s not really lying . . . no, it’s lying. Don’t worry about it. It’s cultural.” I didn’t recognize it at the time. He was talking about taqqiya.

Individual Muslim people may be incredible people, but many Muslim societies are warped. Rabbi Levy, et al, what say you to the honor killings on our soil, or to the little girl whose genitals have been hacked out (something prevalent now in France), or to the next victims of a terror attack, whether a car ramming, a stabbing spree, a shooting or a bombing, here in the US? That this is a small price to pay for being unlike Trump? Rapists, not racists? With great virtue signaling comes great responsibility. If among the people you insist on coming are those who hate the US, the West, and you, and perpetrate any of these heinous acts, you will not be virtuous. You will have blood on your hands.

I do not want to see parts of the United States become like Malmo or Paris. When large numbers of people come, it’s inevitable that they will insert their values into education and — as has happened in Holocaust denying British schools, or in Rotherham, or in so many French neighborhoods – into government. Then, Rabbi Levy, you might well be afraid, but like the Jews of Malmo or Toulouse, the only option left to you will be to try and leave.