Donald Trump 2017 State of the Union Address Open Thread


So, what do you think? I’m liking it so far. He’s still Donald, but he’s showing focus and gravitas. I love the point about “Rule of Law” at the borders. The Rule of Law is what separates us from Russia and all those banana republics from which the illegal immigrants are escaping. We need to re-enshrine the rule of law in America and demand it of other countries.

I’ve been tweaking a Leftie on Facebook by answering everyone of his emotional immigration pleas by asking “What’s your position on the Rule of Law?” — a question he refuses to answer.

Everything he says about the problem with un-vetted refugees from terrorist sponsoring nations is right on the money.

Great to make the point that ISIS is everyone’s enemy. Naming Islam; not pretending there’s not an Islamic component; but recognizing that Islam is a predator against its own people.

Attacks Iran; supports Israel. I like.

Has a list of 20 judges, Gorsuch included, “who will defend our Constitution.” That, of course, is what a judge is supposed to do. Nice homage to Scalia. Well-put request that the same Senate that unanimous confirmed Gorsuch to the Court of Appeal do the same for the Supreme Court.

By the way, the delivery is good: conversational. Doesn’t hector as Obama did. Smooth, composed, in command. Dare I say it that he is truly presidential?

Now he’s talking about making business the business of America: easier to do business; welcoming to businesses that will not desert America for foreign shores. Taxes are too high (which is true — they’re even higher than Sweden’s corporate taxes) and Trump intends to reduce them so that American corporations are competitive. If he does this, he wins in 2020.

Says that free trade has to be fair trade. He’s right, too. There’s a difference between fair trade with a poor country and unfair trade with a cheating country. “It’s been a long time since we had fair trade.”

Cute joke about Harley Davidson.

Bipartisan immigration reform? I don’t see it happening, but I’m hoping that Trump is able to accomplish something that creates a new respect for the Rule of Law, while dealing with the unpleasant realities on the ground that eight years of Obama’s scofflaw administration created. Smart to point out that countries Lefties love (e.g.,Canada) have merit-based immigration systems.

Points out that immigration is draining America instead of adding to and strengthening it. He wants to make a rising tide for everyone in the country. Correct vision. I wonder about the legislation and rules that will make this happen. Goals: improving American jobs and wages; strengthen American security; restore respect for laws. I agree. If he does that — wow!

(The Democrat gals in white look like a Chinese funeral. Stupid. Makes them look like the party of the dead — which is appropriate given their stands on abortion and euthanasia.)

He’s right about the need for rebuilding our basic, hard infrastructure (not solar infrastructure), but where does the money come from? Thinks that he can rebuild the infrastructure for just $1 trillion thanks to his negotiating skills. I wish him luck. It will be a works program, but it is one of the things government needs to do. “Buy American and hire American.”

“I am calling on this Congress to repeal and replace Obama care.” The party of death, on the Left, sits. The conservatives cheer wildly.

Never the right solution to mandate that Americans by insurance. The way to make insurance available to everyone is to lower costs — but how? Points out that Obamacare premiums went up by double and triple digits. Obamacare is unsustainable. Insurance vanishing. Americans have no choice. Swipes at Obama for lying about doctor and plan.

“Save Americans from this imploding Obamacare disaster.”

Guiding principles: Access for people with pre-existing conditions. Stable transition for those enrolled in exchanges. Help Americans purchase their own coverage through tax credits and health savings accounts, but they get to buy the plans they want, not those the government forces on them. Give state governors and flexibility for Medicaid. Implement legal reforms protecting patients and doctors from unnecessary costs and bring down artificially high price of drugs. (How? Government drives prices up; how does it fairly drive prices down.) Allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines, creating competitive national market place bringing more choice and lower costs.

“Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. Every problem can be solved.” Nice line. Asks Congress to join forces and get job done right.

Calls again for bipartisanship for the good of the American people. I detect Ivanka’s hand on some of these: paid family leave, women’s health, clean air and water. Wants to rebuild military and infrastructure — that’s pure Donald.

Again says that true patriotism demands finding common ground.

Asks to speed process at FDA to help save lives. The balance is certainly off. It’s gotten so stodgy nothing moves.

“Education is the civil rights issue of our time.” Explicitly reaches out to African American and Latino children. Demands vouchers for these low income families. Shout-out to a truly beautiful young woman who benefited educationally from tax credits.

Again reaches out to minorities: Need to break the cycle of violence, and highlights Chicago. Need to work with, “not against,” the men and women of law enforcement. Must unify the community. Must support law enforcements’ risks and sacrifices, and support victims of crime. Going to give a voice especially to victims of crimes by illegal immigrants. Highlights four people who lost people because of illegal immigrants committing crimes.

(Just FYI, I’m liking this so far.)

Military needs to be funded so that they can prevent war but, if they have to fight, so that they can win. Eliminates defense sequester in proposed budget and builds military. Will increase funding for veterans. Homage to those who have fought for America.

Nice homage to U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens. Long, long applause. Trump shows deft touch.

Foreign policy will be direct, robust, and meaningful, and involve security interests we share with allies. Strongly support NATO. So Trump has calibrated this — we will not retreat from the world. But partners must meet financial obligations . . . and partners are currently living up to those obligations. “The money is pouring in.” If you want a place at the table, you have to pay your fair share. We will respect them, but they have to respect us. I agree.

“My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.” Big applause line from Republicans. Good line.

Have to create conditions where displaced persons can safely return home — as in, I guess, refugees can’t stick around America and shouldn’t stick around Europe. We want harmony and stability, and we’ll seek it when we can.

Reminds us that WWII shows us that enemies can become allies.

Good use of “We, we, we,” instead of “I, me, mine, my.” I like that too.

Talks about America’s Centennial fair in Philadelphia in 1876 — and the marvels then that paved the way for the future. Envisions us on the cusp of another renaissance in which we can dream big and make things happen. Nice touch (but I like that kind of thing because I’m a history major). There’s an old-fashioned, 1950s quality to this vision. It’s not dystopian. It imagines a wonderful future for a country working together, as “one people with one destiny.” Very nice. Rejects the Left’s little boxes of victim classes. “Made by the same God.” Imagines a big coming together for America’s sesqui-bicentenniial. Again, I like it.

Big, uplifting finale:

“I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment and believe in yourselves, believe in your future and believe, once more, in America.

Okay, I really, really liked that. It was a tremendous relief after 8 years of Obama’s hectoring, insulting, and dividing. Yes, vague on a lot of the details, but this is the speech to create a vision of a shared journey into America’s successful future.