[VIDEO] Paul Joseph Watson on the Deep State attack on Trump

Don’t let Paul Joseph Watson’s “conspiracy theory” language put you off. His video accurately diagnoses the Deep State’s dangerous death throes.

Deep State fail Trump shows Pelosi with Russian AmbassadorPaul Joseph Watson’s latest video, below, is a very good summary of the phony war the Deep State is waging against Trump. At certain points, he definitely sounds like an Alex Jones/Infowar conspiracy nut . . . except that when he talks about the Council on Foreign Relations, I have a good feel for what he’s talking about.

Back in the late 1980s, when I was a young lawyer, a Democrat, and fancied myself as an intellectual sophisticate, I went several times to CFR luncheon talks. Eventually, though, I stopped going because they didn’t make sense.

You see, even though I called myself a Democrat, I was always essentially conservative. I resented the anti-Israel tenor of the talks. Moreover, knowing European history as I did, I found ridiculous the claim that Europe could be smoothed into a vast federal entity akin to the United States of America.

The CFR did have an underlying agenda that sounded like a non-starter to me: It was to have a world governed by people all drawn from the same mindset. CFR speakers weren’t envisioning one world government under the UN, or anything apocalyptic like that (although I already loathed the UN’s antisemitism back then).

No, they just imagined a world in which the German leader and the British leader and the American leader and the Greek leader and all the other leaders would be drawn from the same intellectual pool: All these countries would be sort-of democracies. That is, the people would ostensibly have the vote, but the governing would be done by small cadres of really smart people who weren’t actually responsive to the voters.

And that’s precisely where we are now . . . and the voters are really, really mad. Because as Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out, not only are ordinary men and women — the ones forced to live cheek=by-jowl with illegal immigrants or unassimilatable refugees, or the ones seeing their jobs vanish in service to the global warming scam — being governed by people who won’t listen to them, the reality on the ground is that these self-aggrandized, self-appointed elites are doing an impressively bad job of governing throughout the Western world. They got away with their crap for 70 years only because the Pax Americana protected them from the worst of their mistakes.

When Barack Obama, with his abiding dislike for America, decided that the Pax America was a bad thing, not a good one, and withdrew America’s military and moral leadership from the world, all of these petty little bureaucratic potentates proved to be just as stupid as, if not more stupid than, the ordinary man in the street. While the man in the street can learn from his mistakes, the elite, immured in their ivory bubbles (yes, I’m mixing ivory towers and Progressive bubbles) were not up to the tasks they had so arrogant assigned themselves.

All of which is to say that you need to watch this video, even if some of the conspiracy language that crops up about halfway through makes you feel a little slimed:

I’ll leave the last word to Donald Trump, who’s behaving in a pleasantly proactive way:

Deep State fail Trump shows Pelosi with Russian Ambassador

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