[VIDEO] Paul Joseph Watson explains why modern art is actually propaganda

Modern art is not meant to delight or enlighten. Its sole goal is to tear down America and enforce social justice concepts, all while making “artists” rich.

Museum of Modern Art entranceI’ve always had a thing about modern art: I hate it. From the 1960s forward, the American art world has abandoned faith and beauty and, instead, celebrated only those things that savage America and American values. I’ve posted at some length on the subject, so I won’t rehash what I had to say back in 2011 and 2014.

Interestingly, just three years ago, and despite my obsessive attention to the American social and political scene, I still hadn’t really heard of the whole Social Justice Warrior issue. SJW’s popped onto my radar just a short time later. Even then, though, I didn’t connect them with modern art. I saw that modern art hated America, but I missed the fact that it was pushing a social justice agenda.

Paul Joseph Watson, however, has not missed the SJW agenda and he’s produced one of his best videos explaining what is going on in America’s modern art world (language warning if you have young children around):

And on a lighter side, Danny Kaye had a little fun with modern dance back in the 1950s:

Photo credit: Sergio Calleja, MoMA Entrance, Creative Commons license.