Paris Accord: I am so savoring Leftist tears and hysteria

With the Paris Accord gone, is there a greater pleasure than watching the tears and hysteria on the Left as they face their perceived climate doom?

I don’t need to read the New York Times article. I simply adore the picture:

Paris Accord New York Times

A true leader looks at the lemmings around him as they head for the cliff and yells “Stop.” Bye-bye, lemmings!

This must be especially bitter for Obama. After all, since he couldn’t get the Senate on board to ratify a treaty, this one was all his. Moreover, since pulling out of the Paris Accord was one of Trump’s campaign promises, the voters who chose Trump were sending a strong message to Obama.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be better for economically disadvantaged people in America than pulling out of a Paris Accord that forced Leftist redistribution on our country. As Trump correctly explained, the Paris Accord means America gives up everything in exchange for nothing — and that always hits the poor hardest.

Exhibit A of who actually benefits from all this climate change crap: Chief crony Elon Musk who’s taken middle and lower class money to make cars for rich people and turn himself into a billionaire:

I hate Tom Steyer. His misery makes me happy.

And that’s the problem with Pittsburgh:

UPDATE: More panicked Leftists.