[VIDEO] Krauthammer gets the problem of illegal aliens almost right

I like some of Charles Krauthammer’s ideas about slowing the influx of illegal aliens into America, but he’s wrong to give amnesty to those already here.

Illegal immigrants illegal aliensCharles Krauthammer has a good video out through Prager University about ways to deal with illegal aliens. He talks about the virtues of building a wall and about using e-Verify to keep immigrants from working.

Otherwise, though, he thinks it’s fine to let the existing 11 million illegal aliens stay here. I don’t. And I don’t care if they’ve been here decades. You pays your money and you takes your chances — and in this case, you came illegally and therefore there was always the risk you’d be kicked out.

Because of the blind eye Krauthammer is willing to turn on the 11 million illegal aliens already here, he neglects something very important we need to do, which is deny anyone here illegally any form of social services: welfare payments, food stamps, housing, free education, you name it. As to that last, do keep in mind that in California, illegal aliens get better deals on tuition than legal in-state students.

Even if we build the wall, as long as we have these honey pot entitlements, illegal aliens will still come. Their willingness to come is especially predictable because they know that we’re not the East Germans and we won’t shoot them if we catch them crossing the border despite the wall.

I’ll be interested in your comments.