Bill Whittle on Kanye, and home truths about Blacks and Dems

Bill Whittle explains as only he can why Progressives are hating on Kanye and I offer some fact-based reasons why more blacks should follow Kanye’s lead.

Bill Whittle Kanye West Thomas SowellBill Whittle is out with a new video looking at the terrible thought crime Hip-Hop star Kanye West committed against the Democrat establishment. As with all of Whittle’s videos, watching it will make you smarter and help you better understand the world in which we live. You’ll also agree that Kanye did something magnificent and brave, and that’s true even if you disagree with him about most things. So carve out the 7 minutes and watch this video:

I thought I’d wrap this post up with a few talking points should you find yourself in conversation with a Democrat, no matter that Democrat’s race:

  1. Democrat-run cities are death traps for blacks.
  2. Democrat-run unionized schools fail to educate blacks, consigning too many to a lifetime of poverty in an information-driven, technological age. Remember that Obama’s first act upon becoming president was to shut down the non-unionized, charter schools in D.C. that were saving black children from the Dickensian horrors of their public schools.
  3. Planned Parenthood targets black communities and has successfully managed to convince too many blacks to be participants in their own genocide.
  4. Despite the press for abortion in black communities, American blacks are more likely to share certain values with Republicans than they are with Democrats: Outside of the inner cities they are increasingly pro-Life, and outside of hipster urban enclaves, they haven’t been on the leading edge of the gay marriage push, and they’re not fans of gender madness.
  5. The Democrat war on the NRA also constitutes a black genocide, because it means that, in black communities, it’s open season on black people. What changes these statistics is letting the law-abiding bear arms.
  6. The Democrat war on middle-class values is another form of black genocide. Values are behaviors, not innate qualities, and are therefore unrelated to biological race. Those who adopt the middle class template — education, work, marriage, children, staying married, in that order — will thrive economically. It ought to concern blacks that Democrats hysterically warn them against embracing these values. The Democrat war on these values means that over 70% of black children do not grow up with a father in the home. This is a disaster for both boys and girls.¬†Without a father, boys are more likely to be criminals and girls are more likely to be dangerously promiscuous, and both are likely to perpetuate the fatherless family.
  7. Even if one assumes solely for the sake of argument that Trump is the racist the Resistance claims he is, his policies have hugely benefited blacks and other minorities. Both his economic policies (fewer onerous regulations, more fossil fuel production, lower taxes) and his immigration policies (slowing the influx of aliens competing for historically black job opportunities) have seen black unemployment drop to record lows. Obama never did that.

As Bill Whittle said in the video, it really would be impossible for Republicans to do worse by blacks than Democrats have. Certainly Donald Trump has proven once again the truism that a rising tide lifts all boats, no matter their color. No wonder that, in the wake of Kanye’s brave and heretical act, black male support for Trump has doubled. Moreover, if blacks are willing to embrace the Trump/conservative economy, maybe it’s time for American blacks to follow Kanye’s advice and start embracing other conservative principles. I can guarantee that they’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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