Social media giants’ war on InfoWars the opening move to stifle dissent

Find here a collection of the Twitter-sphere’s best takes about the danger to our democracy from social media giants silencing Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Social Media Alex Jones InfoWarsBefore I go anywhere with this post, let me say that I am in no way, shape, or form an Alex Jones fan. I’ve never listened to him, I think his Sandy Hook theory is cruel and distasteful, and I’ve heard that he’s one of the angry talking heads, which is never something I enjoy. This post is not about defending Alex Jones. It is, instead, about addressing technocrats’ war on ideas with which they disagree.

For those who say it’s ironic that I’m turning to Twitter, one of the Leftist social media giants, to find commentary about this totalitarian purge, I agree. However, to the extent Twitter encourages pithiness, I find the following takes on the subject worth repeating.

To those who say the social media giants are private corporations and can do as they will . . . no. They have become communication monopolies. Monopolies are cancerous growths on the free market. That is, while they may have arisen in the free market, just like cells in our body that go awry and become deadly, so too do monopolies corrupt and destroy American institutions.

In the old days, monopolies destroyed whole sectors of the economy. Today, these hi-tech social media monopolies are destroying free speech in America. To the extent that they’ve become the dominant platforms over which Americans communicate with their fellow Americans, to have them take sides effectively squelches speech.

It’s no use saying “Well, other platforms will rise up.” There isn’t time to do that before the November 2018 election, which is what this purge is all about. In essence this is the beginning of a political coup, and conservatives, both private citizens and politicians, need to figure out how to respond, hard and fast.

The following tweets, of course, are just observational — they point out what’s happening and worry about the consequences. They’re scarcely solutions, but solutions don’t happen until people are fully aware that there’s a problem. After reading the following, and based upon your own reading and understanding, please feel free to offer solutions here. I’m a little forum, but any forum is better than no forum at all, right?

I’ll open with my own tweet:

And now some of my favorite tweets regarding the Alex Jones / InfoWars purge:

I’ll close with a Paul Joseph Watson video on the subject:

By the way, for those who dislike Alex Jones, remember that, when the fascists begin silencing dissent, they start with those whom most people dislike, but it never stops there. Were Martin Niemoller alive today, he might write, “First they came for Alex Jones and InfoWars….”