Senator Lindsey Graham & The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

This may well be Lindsey Graham’s finest hour.   If you did not watch the entire hearing, Sen. Graham gives an excellent summary in under 5 minutes.

The hearing “proved” nothing.  We know now, post hearing, no more about the truth or falsity of the charges against Judge Kavanaugh than had been reported in the press through Wednesday.  Christine Blasey Ford asserted; Judge Kavanaugh denied.  No one named by Ford as a witness corroborated Ford’s story, leaving but a bald allegation that none but the most rabid partisan proggie could possibly credit.  And perhaps by Saturday, it appears that Judge Kavanaugh will be voted onto the Supreme Court.

What the hearing did show was just how underhanded the Democrats are in Congress.  This hearing was never about whether Kavanaugh actually wronged Ford 36 years ago.  If that was the concern, Feinstein would have given Ford’s charges to the full Judiciary Committee within 24 hours of receiving them and the charges would have been fully investigated by the Senate.

No, this was about shamelessly abusing process to stop Senate approval of Kavanaugh until after the next Congress was seated, wholly irrespective of the truth or falsity of the allegations.  This is a tried and true tactic of proggies — think of every October surprise when a horrible accusation against a Republican opponent hits the media shortly before the election.  Most recently, Hillary and the DNC planted the Trump collusion narrative in the media just a few weeks the 2016 election.

This one might backfire.  Kavanaugh has a sterling reputation as a judge and a man.  Not a single witness during the confirmation hearing who knew Judge Kavanaugh questioned his character or fitness,  The guy is a boy scout. I can’t see how this does not have a huge impact on Republican turnout in the upcoming election.  Righteous indignation is a huge motivator.

And kudos to Senator Graham for laying it all out clearly.  He pulled no punches in calling out the progressive scum sitting at the table with him, describing how unfairly and unethically they had treated Kavanaugh since after the conclusion of the hearing.  I sincerely hope that Graham or someone on the Judiciary Committee files an ethics complaint against Sen. Feinstein and publicly seeks to have her censured, if not impeached, for her role in this travesty.  And to make sure the rest of America does not forget what she and proggies have done between now and voting day, 2018.  I am sure that there are many people out there who are horrified at the depths of naked proggie ambition and amorality.