Bookworm Beat 1/13/19 — immigration, Russiagate, and sexuality

I’d meant to cover more topics, but between illegal immigration, Russiagate, and pedophilia, I’ve think I’ve written enough.

Immigration Kavanaugh Disgusting Democrats

On the immorality of housing illegal aliens at the border.

I don’t know why, but it took forever for me to get a sharp focus on what’s wrong with the Leftist arguments claiming it’s immoral to house illegal immigrants, especially children, in large, not-cozy facilities. I know, of course, the purpose behind this housing, such as the requirement (already applicable under Obama) that children being held for longer times must be separated from adults (aka potential pedophiles).

Somehow, though, it was this video that highlighted for me just how stupid the Leftist argument is:

What jumped out at me was all that high falutin’ stuff about “immorality” which Coons then immediately paired with “children in cages.” That juxtaposition triggered . . . deep thoughts.

The imagery about “children in cages” is deliberately intended to make us think of what the Nazis did all over Europe, the Japanese did all over Asia, and all totalitarian governments have done at all times and in all places. In all those cases, the government is the aggressor. To further its nefarious purposes, whether to occupy territory, pacify perceived enemies, or exterminate entire peoples, it hunts people down (especially children) and imprisons them in cages. This is indeed immoral.

Here, however, our government is not the aggressor. It is entirely passive. It is the illegal aliens who are storming our borders. The government is simply doing the best it can to deal with the onslaught – including putting children in areas that, while lacking in charm, theoretically protect them from predators. Moreover, these predators are not US government agents. Instead, they are the people with whom they are traveling, many of whom are not their parents but are criminals taking advantage of our laxness in handling “families” with “their” children.

Under these circumstances, the most moral thing we can do is build a wall to protect this unseemly influx. Doing so is entirely moral. First and most obviously, it protects Americans from a huge cohort of people taking jobs from America’s legal working classes, from violent criminals who wouldn’t be here but for lax border policies, from the vast sums of money we spend on welfare on illegal immigrants, from infectious diseases, and from the profound damage that ensues when a nation abandons its responsibility to defend a sovereign border. Second, and here’s the more subtle point, a strong border, including that classic, old-fashioned wall, prevents both desperate families and truly immoral criminals from capitalizing on overwhelming America’s current inability to cope with this influx.

In other words, given that we’re not hunting people down but are, instead, being hunted, it’s in everybody’s moral best interest to build a wall and stop the human flood.

Also, regarding a lack of barriers against illegal immigration, I liked this tweet:

Lefties also used to think illegal immigration was immoral.

As many people, President Trump among them, have pointed out, when Democrats still saw working class Americans as their constituents, they were strongly in favor of increasing security at the southern border. Well . . . what I just said is not quite true. Democrats long ago realized that incoming citizens from Leftist nations, all of whom gratefully take free stuff, were their n new constituency. However, as long as they could, Dems paid lip service to keep their traditional voting bloc placated.

Things shifted when Obama entered office and Democrats no longer felt constrained to pretend that they represented American values on behalf of Americans. In the past 10 years, Democrats became party of the super-rich, the party of the angry minority, the party of a transnational elite that needed the service of hoards of uneducated people and, most importantly, the party of “whatever Donald Trump is for, I’m against it.”

Still, it was kind of nice when the Democrats pretended to love America. The Steve Sanchez show put together a nice video of Democrats when they pretended to love our country and its people:

Remember, too, that what Leftists are doing to America isn’t just happening the border states. Their abandonment of ordinary Americans in favor of illegal aliens shows up everywhere. For example, I was in the Oakland/Berkeley area today, and at least half the freeway underpasses were cluttered with tents, drugged out people, and mountains of garbage. Each such underpass looked like a microcosm of Kinshasa’s slums.

As Daniel Greenfield explains, even in Maine, which is as far from the southern border as one can get, Democrat policies are creating oases of Third Worldism:

2,500 miles away, Portland, Maine is experiencing a crisis that redefines the nature of the problem and whom it impacts. Illegal border invaders aren’t just from this continent. Anyone who can fly into South America and make their way up to Mexico has a shot at crossing the border and invading America.

Portland shelters, 2,500 miles away, are overloaded by illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who crossed the border and then kept right on going to one of the coldest, but most profitable parts of the country. Portland, like many areas in Maine, attracted migrants because of the generous social safety net that had been set up to help the local population deal with turbulent economic times.

Hundreds of African migrants who illegally crossed the border are now crowding Portland’s homeless shelters which are meant to protect local residents from the cold, but have instead been overrun by foreign migrants who have taken over the system and pushed the progressive city to the edge.

Portland, Maine, a city where the temperature this April had hit a balmy 28 degrees, is not a natural homeless hotspot. But refugee resettlement had diverted resources away from helping Maine’s poor, putting more people on the street, and the migrants began crowding into homeless shelters. Not only were Maine’s poor having trouble finding housing, but they were even being pushed out of homeless shelters by aggressive foreign migrants coming out of Africa through Mexico and Texas to Maine.

Will Trump still stand tall on the shutdown?

The media is gleefully touting the fact that, according to an ABC-Washington Post poll, Americans “blame” Trump for the government shutdown. It’s worrisome to read that, according to Lindsay Graham, President Trump has taken heed of these polls and is willing to deal. If he “deals,” the American border is gone.

I therefore tweeted out to Donald Trump a post Don Surber wrote saying that Americans don’t “blame” Trump for the shutdown. Instead, they happily assign to him credit for doing something they believe in. The WaPo and ABC, of course, would never distinguish between blame, which is a negative, and credit, which is a positive.

Here’s just a little of what Don has to say:

Many Americans do not blame President Donald John Trump. We credit him. We want the government to feel a little of the pain that government causes Americans.

While the media fascinated itself with the blame game, their polls showed an uptick in support for the wall, as well as a belief by an overwhelming majority that immigration is a serious problem.

“As noted, while more still oppose rather than back a wall, support has increased to 42 percent, up from 34 percent a year ago and a previous high of 37 percent in 2017. Opposition, 54 percent, is down from 63 percent a year ago and a previous low of 60 percent two years ago,” the ABC/Washington Post poll said.

Thar poll showed 24% of Americans think the border is a crisis, while 47% say it is a serious problem that falls short of a crisis. That’s 71%.

Only 26% accept the Democrat position that the border is not a serious problem.

Buried in the ABC/Post poll was this: Only 17% of those polled were inconvenienced by the shutdown.

For five out of six Americans, the shutdown is something alien that does not affect them.

You should read Don’s entire analysis.

The entire “Russiagate” investigation is a corrupt, Deep State sham.

Newt Gingrich is a good communicator. He explains in an easily comprehensible way that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and whatever other alphabet soup agencies were involved, staged a coup unrelated to our constitutional way of governance:

The extraordinary story published Friday night in The New York Times headlined “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Whether Trump was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia” tells us how deeply sick the Washington establishment has become.

A group of bureaucrats – elected by no one – sat in a room and decided they would investigate the new president of the United States for possible treason. Let me repeat: treason. This is, after all, the implication of this investigation.

This group of bureaucrats reports to no one in elected authority. In a Justice Department where employees gave 97 percent of their presidential campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton, the hostility toward – and fear of – newly elected President Trump was deep.

The senior members of the Justice Department (all promoted under the Obama administration) were clearly prepared to go all-out to repudiate the verdict of the American people in the 2016 election.

Further, these were Justice Department bureaucrats who had ignored the Clinton Foundation scandals, minimized the investigation into the Clinton email and Internet scandal, and ignored former President Clinton collecting money from Russians overseas while his wife was secretary of state.

Suddenly, these hitherto passive, dispassionate, and tolerant “law enforcement” bureaucrats were galvanized into investigating a president for possible treason.

When they made this decision, who did they share it with? Obviously, they could not go to President Trump, since he was the target of their investigation.

In an orderly world, they might have gone to Vice President Mike Pence and briefed him. Pence, after all, was a member of the U.S. House and governor of Indiana before he was vice president. There is no taint of any scandal involving anything Pence has ever done.

I urge you to read the whole thing.

As you read, keep in mind that these Deep State cabalists, working with the media, are now hysterically outraged that President Donald Trump communicated privately with Putin. Think about that – the Constitution vests foreign policy in the executive branch, but the Lefties now argue that the chief executive must carry out all dealings in public and subject to approval from the Deep State and the media. These people are crazy.

Lefties are sick, sick people:

I would define “normal” sexuality in the Western world as sex between an adult man and an adult woman. If you look at sexuality as a bell curve, this “normal” sexuality is the huge bump in the middle. On the long tail fringes, one finds everything else: ranging from gay sex, which troubles me not at all (two consenting adults), to less savory things such as bestiality, pedophilia, and things that are too grotesque to name.

One of the things conservatives have struggled to do with their “hate the sin, love the sinner” approach to gay sexuality is to maintain a normal standard that rejects all fringe activities. After all, if you accept one thing on the long tail fringe, how do you argue against accepting other things?

I don’t agree with that line of thinking. I don’t see a slippery slope in terms of separating some fringe sexualities from others. To me, there’s a huge difference between adults of the same sex managing their private lives to suit their inclinations and evil people who prey on children, animals, or even dead bodies.

Being open to accepting homosexuality as an acceptable long-tail fringe activity on the bell curve continuum, does not mean I accept the Leftist approach that is effectively the mirror image of the conservative dismay about classifying non-“normal” sexual behavior. That is, while traditional religious conservatives see all the fringe behaviors as bad, Leftists are insisting that no fringe behaviors are bad. They’re just part of a continuum, with all deserving respect.

That’s how we find ourselves in a situation in which people who have severe body dysmorphic syndrome are given the label “transgender” and told to celebrate themselves. Moreover, we as a society are told that, not only must we accept giving young children hormones and mutilating surgery, we must embrace transgenderism and pretend that people, through wishing, surgery, and hormones, can magically change their DNA.

The Left’s extremist approach explains how we’ve ended with gay marriage defined as a constitutional right. I’ve long thought this will be a disaster. What is happening in Holland reminds us that I was correct (yes, indeed, I was) to say that we’re heading for a dreadful clash between church and state, with the explicit First Amendment rights granted religious worship in America on a collision course with the new implicit right to gay marriage:

In the Netherlands, signatories of The Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality have been threatened with criminal prosecution, admonished by employers and derided by protests.


About 250 Christian leaders in the Netherlands have signed a Dutch translation of The Nashville Statement, Dutch News reported Jan. 7. Released in 2017 by an evangelical coalition including the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, The Nashville Statement affirms biblical prohibitions of homosexual practice and transgenderism.

The Dutch translation appends a postscript confessing the guilt of Dutch Christians for “not decorat[ing] our principles with the example of our lives” and for occasional “abuse of power towards those who know of same-sex orientation,” according to a translation posted online by LifeSite.

Still, the Dutch government’s prosecution service announced this week it was examining the statement to see if criminal prosecution of signatories was warranted, Dutch News reported. Dutch opera singer Francis van Broekhuizen has filed a formal police complaint against a Dutch member of parliament who signed The Nashville Statement.

Meanwhile, a professor at the Free University of Amsterdam has been admonished for signing the statement, then stating churches must not be silent about the threat of transgender ideology like they were about the threat of Nazi ideology before World War II, according to the online Dutch newspaper

Heck, who needs to go to Holland to find these problems? Just look at Colorado and the state’s siege of Jack Phillips, a baker who asks only that he not be forced to participate in ceremonies antithetical to his faith.

When one thinks about it, Phillips’ troubles reflect the same pattern we’re seeing with the illegal immigration issue. On the immigration front, America is not hunting down and imprisoning children, but is instead being castigated for how it treats children who essentially hunt down America. Likewise, on the non-standard sexuality front, Phillips is making no effort whatsoever to hunt down and humiliate gay and transgender people. Instead, they are hunting him down to force him to serve them or to lose his right to do business.

As I hope I’ve demonstrated, my problem isn’t with gay people living their lives or even transgender people living their lives. My problem is with the activists’ habit of hunting down and destroying those who disagree with them.

Unfortunately, that kind of flagrant, aggressive activism regarding private behaviors that most people would accept or ignore were they kept private has created nooks and crannies and other openings for icky fringe sexualities to start oozing through. From gay marriage to transgender rights to pre-pubescent drag queens . . . to celebrating what can only be seen as open, horrible, damaging pedophilia:

On Monday, 10-year-old Canadian boy Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden was featured in a troubling Huck Magazine piece highlighting the life of a so-called “child drag queen.”

Young Nemis, whose drag name is “Queen Lactacia,” was shot by photographer Jonathan Frederick Turton for the spread. In one of the shots that did not make the magazine, Nemis, in full drag makeup and a black dress, is posing for a photo with the Season 7 winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Violet Chachki. In the shocking photo, Violet is wearing nothing but a pair of heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals, as seen in the screenshot below:

I will not share the screen shot. You can read the whole article here.

Again, one can draw lines even on continuums. My first line is that most humans are heterosexual and that the Judeo-Christian ideal of one man and one woman is both natural and consistent with a healthy society. My second line is that I have no problem with homosexual behavior if it is between consenting adults and that it is not framed in a way intended to destroy traditional religion or to torture religious people who want to be left alone.

My third line is that I think transgenderism is a mental illness or, perhaps, the result of a society awash in female hormones thanks to women who have taken the Pill and gotten pregnant and thanks as well to drinking water awash in excreted female hormones. Still, whether transgenderism is an organic mental illness or hormonal imbalance, I definitely don’t think it’s normal. I also think the societal approach the Left insists upon is dreadful and, indeed, abusive to people suffering from this dysmorphia.

If transgender dysmorphic syndrome is an organic mental illness, we should treat these people, just as we do anorexics, rather than allowing them to destroy their bodies with unnatural hormones and mutilating surgery. Alternatively, if it’s a problem due to hormone washes in the womb, it makes more sense to use hormones to align brain with body, rather than vice versa. (That is, give a man who thinks he’s a woman testosterone, not estrogen.)

My fourth line sees me entirely opposed to being forced to pretend that there is such a thing as a transgender woman or a transgender man. I will certainly be polite to someone who treats me with respect and who respectfully asks that I honor his or her preferences. I will not be bullied, though, whether by a group of aggressive individuals or, God forbid, the state. Transgenderism is a unicorn and only a totalitarian state forces individuals to “believe,” with imprisonment, torture, or death for nonbelievers, that unicorns are real.

My fifth and final line is that pedophilia is evil. It’s absolutely, completely totally evil. It’s up there (or down there) with necrophilia and bestiality and should never be countenanced. The fact that the Left is forcing us to embrace it along with homosexuality and transgenderism is evil too.

There are lovely people in the world.

I don’t like this video just because it’s charming. I also really like it because, without ever seeing these children’s parents, you know that they are wonderful people who value life and who managed to teach their older child true grace and kindness:

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