Trump’s State of the Union speech open thread

The State of the Union speech was a triumph of principle over the ugliest and most divisive politics. I loved it and am very proud of President Trump.

Donald Trump State of the Union speechI watched the State of the Union speech from beginning to end and thought it was marvelous. It was also a remarkably courageous speech. Despite all the attacks against him, Trump has not only not retreated from his principles, he’s doubled down, whether on the Wall, abortion (and wasn’t that a beautiful moment as Democrats stood strong for infanticide?), Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the evil that is North Korea, and NO SOCIALISM.

One of the best things about the speech was the fact that the state of the union is, as Trump, said “strong.” As he reeled off numbers about record low unemployment for all demographics, about trade successes, about military strength, about getting other NATO members to cough up money, etc., the Democrats were paralyzed. Because they couldn’t applaud Trump they also barred themselves from applauding Americans and American success. I especially enjoyed the resting bitch faces of the Democrat women in white who got enthusiastic only when they could applaud themselves.

Trump’s guests were also well chosen. Having a Dachau survivor and a Dachau liberator seated side-by-side was so moving. And the police officer who almost died at the Tree of Life synagogue. . . . And the little girl who survived cancer. . . . And the Hispanic border agent. . . . And Buzz Aldrin. . . . It was all good. Really good.

Stacey Abrams, a failed political candidate, sounded like the person at the end of the parade tasked with cleaning up the elephant poop. Trying to be upbeat but still buried in fecal matter.

I want this to be an open thread for you, so I’ll just say one more thing: America will never be a socialist nation! From Donald’s lips to God’s ears….

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