Leftism, Islam, anti-Semitism, and the Jews

Democrats and Muslims have come together with anti-Semitism because it is their ideological destiny — and Leftist Jews are too indoctrinated to see it.

Islam Socialism Anti-SemitismOne of the fascinating things about the world in which we live is the alliance between Leftists and Muslims. At first glance, it seems as if they have nothing in common. Leftists tout women’s rights; Muslims tout women’s burqas. Leftists tout LGBTQ rights; Muslims tout homosexual hangings. Leftists purport to hate slavery; Muslims have slavery as a core doctrine. Leftists hate rape; Muslims have rape as another core doctrine.

Given these profound differences, one way to account for the Leftist/Muslim alliance today is to look to the old Arab adage stating “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” (Or, as Aristotle said first, “a common danger unites even the bitterest enemies.”) Both the Left and Islam are united in a fight against Western civilization. And significantly, the thing they are fighting against most fiercely is what lies at the core of Western civilization: The value of the individual.

Here’s the thing: Despite their superficial differences, Leftists and Muslims have something very profound in common, which is that both are completely totalitarian ideologies. Each envisions complete control over all people around the world. Individualism is anathema to them. It is this common vision that binds them in the short term. In the long term, of course, each assumes that its ideology will be victorious and that, like the Borg, the winning ideology (whether Islam or Leftism) will either assimilate or destroy the losing ideology (whether Leftism or Islam).

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s another thing that binds them and that is their abiding hatred for Jews. (They hate other religions too, don’t get me wrong, as we can see from the murderous purge of Christians across the Muslim world as well as the softer effort to purge Christians in America. But there’s something about the Jews….)

I have a theory about this Jew hatred. Judaism was the first ideology to identify individual worth, something that Jews wrote down in the Bible and that Christianity, which is Judaism’s ideological progeny, brought to the greater world. From first to last– that is, from God creating man in his own image to Christ recognizing the worth of each individual — the Judeo-Christian tradition is about the individual.

The Judeo-Christian belief system is about freedom of conscience, not mindless subordination to a tyrannical God, set of gods, or earthly dictator. It’s about moral values, not frantically thrashing about to find some way to appease mortal or immortal despots, whether with human sacrifice, animal sacrifice, or meaningless rituals divorced from morality and human worth. It’s also about recognizing God in others, whether in the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount, both of which require that we treat other humans with the dignity we want for ourselves.

Everything the Bible demands is antithetical to both Leftism and Islam. Those faiths (for Leftism is a faith) divide the world into those with power and those without. They see people as either masters or slaves. They see individuals as beings who have no free will but, instead, as beings to be endlessly manipulated for some greater good that always, somehow, coincides perfectly with the masters’ needs.

For those in thrall to totalitarian ideologies, there is no enemy greater than the man who says, “I am me” — not “I am us,” or “We are you,” or “I am you,” or “Tell me what to do,” but “I am me. I am a person created in God’s image. I have free will. I have a moral compass that it is imperative upon me to follow because of my personal relationship with God, to whom I am ultimately answerable.” In a totalitarian world, the person who insists on his individualism and moral worth is the ultimate threat.

Given that this abiding commitment to the individual infuses both Jewish and Christian doctrine, why is anti-Semitism, not anti-Christianity, the oldest hatred? A few reasons.

First, in the Christian world, Christianity, as the child, had to sever itself from Judaism, the parent. As every parent of teens knows, this is often a brutal process — and no more so than when it takes place in a pre-modern world that is itself exceptionally brutal.

To its great credit (and I say this without any sarcasm), in the last two hundred years Christianity has left behind its childhood and adolescence. It now approaches Judaism as one adult to another, just as mature children can finally forge a new — and often so much better — relationship with the parent from whom they sought to separate. The two faiths can enjoy their familial bonds while still valuing their mature differences. It is today, as it should be, a healthy relationship. (I do not include Leftist “churches” in this analysis. They are Leftist first and only vaguely Christian second. To the extent they share a slender bond with Biblical Christianity, they are immature.)

Significantly, there is nothing in the New Testament itself that demands that Christians be anti-Semitic. This was something imposed from the outside, especially when earthly European sovereigns took Christianity as a state religion and used it as one more instrument of power and control. In these circumstances, they found Judaism to be a useful scapegoat for their own — and a cruel world’s — failings. Nothing did more to correct the Christian and Jewish relationship than the wonderful American decision to sever church and state. (I should point out that this does not mean keeping people of faith out of politics; it simply means that the government has no say in religious doctrine.)

Second, in the Muslim world, things took a very different turn. Islam is about Mohamed, the perfect man. And for Mohamed, Jew hatred was personal. He suggested to regional Jews that they declare him God’s prophet and the Jews refused. Mohamed, a narcissist who lacked Christ’s gracious spirit, took the rebuff personally and slaughtered every Jew he could find.

After that, Mohamed went one worse and baked his personal hurt and animus into Koranic doctrine. Anti-Semitism isn’t just an interpretative mistake as it was with the early Christian world. Instead, for each Muslim, it’s a religious imperative not just to hate the Jew but to destroy the Jew. The execrable Ilhan Omar is nothing more than a good Muslim.

There are two ways to jettison entirely Islamic anti-Semitism: re-write the Koran, which isn’t going to happen; or destroy world Islam as thoroughly as the Allies destroyed Germany, Italy, and Japan, which isn’t going to happen either.

Failing that, the best that can be done with Islamic anti-Semitism is to corral it wherever possible. Also, as is happening in the Middle East, the old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” principle still works. Now that Obama empowered Iran so that it has become an existential threat, not just to Israel, but to Sunni Gulf States, suddenly pragmatic Muslims are discovering that having Jews in the neighborhood isn’t such a bad thing.

Three, in the socialist world, just as in the Muslim world, anti-Semitism is baked into the cake. Let me start by saying that there is no anti-Semite worse than a renegade Jew. I was just reading about Jewish life in Romania and learned that the first blood libel there was sparked by a Jew who had converted to Christianity. Indeed, it’s a frequent refrain in Jewish history that those most violently opposed to Jews, and the ones most likely to spark pogroms, were converts. There is, of course, no zealot like a convert.

Karl Marx was genetically Jewish, but his father had converted so that the family could have better opportunities in early 19th century Germany. Marx therefore grew up as a shaky Christian in an anti-Semitic environment. He could have been like Disraeli, in England, who was fascinated by and proud of his Jewish heritage despite the family conversion when he was still a child. Instead, though, Marx clearly went the either way — he was going to out-hate the Jew.

When Marx eventually came up with his crackpot social and economic theories (and they are crackpot, because they were totally wrong about the past, totally misread his present, and were completely illiterate about economic principles), he wrote and wrote and wrote. His writings became gospel for Leftists and he baked Jew hatred into them. Read the following and tell me if it’s anything different from anything the National Socialists or Stalin or Ilhan Omar would say:

What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.

Keep in mind, please, that not only did Marx smear the Jews with the worst canards that emerged from 1,900 years of an adolescent Christianity’s warfare against Jews, he folded it into his entire “capitalist versus proletariat” shtick. Even though most of the world’s Jews were mired in abysmal poverty, he nevertheless painted all as parasitical capitalists who needed to be destroyed in order to create a workers’ paradise.

Thanks to Marx’s historic, cultural, and economic illiteracy, a fundamental principle of socialism is to rid the world of Jews. In this way, it is precisely the same as Islam, a fundamental principle of which is to rid the world of Jews. Both doctrines reflect the totalitarian opposition to an ideology predicated on individual liberty, as well as the mad tyrant’s rejection of a faith that, in one way or another, made him feel bad about himself. In other words, Islamic and Socialist anti-Semitism are bound together by ignorance, narcissism, and sociopathy. No wonder the two ideologies are so comfortable in each other’s company.

You can see, therefore, why anti-Semitism is becoming increasingly prominent in the Democrat Party. Once upon a time, the American Democrat party was a totalitarian party committed to slavery. After the Civil War, it tried to shake that image by presenting itself as the party of expertise (those were the racist Wilson Progressives). It swept-up the intelligentsia that way, by making them feel that their learned skills entitled them to petty tyranny.

During the Depression, the Democrats quite openly went for fascism, which is a form of soft socialism. By this I mean that, under fascism, rather than having the state actually take over all private property, the state just gets to dictate what is done with private property. It’s still state control.

Frankly, the only difference between Rooseveltian fascism and Hitler’s and Mussolini’s fascism is that the Americans never went in for wars fought for world domination and genetic purity. (Although one cannot deny that Hitler was inspired by the Democrat Party’s race laws when he first set about trying to legislate against the Jews.)

The American Democrat party figured out a variation of the “if you can’t beat them, join them” principle. Committing genocide against American blacks was a bridge too far and Jim Crow was (sadly, as far as Democrats were concerned) a strictly regional phenomenon. What Democrats realized was that, because so many American blacks existed in abysmal poverty (thanks in large part to Democrat racism), their votes could be bought.

Enter welfare. Blacks had a choice: Starve thanks to Democrat policies while proudly voting for the Republicans who had liberated them from slavery; or eat while voting for the Democrats who starved them with one hand and fed them welfare with the other. Pragmatism won the day. And after a few decades of dependency, just like lions in the zoo, America’s blacks got used to being fed in a cage rather than freely hunting for their own food.

But even this was still not a truly socialist Democrat party. After WWII, the previous soft fascism was anathema, so the Democrats re-fashioned fascism as a “Republican thing.” Moreover, the Democrats still had a constituency of white working and middle class voters who saw Dems as a working man’s party, not a plutocrats’ party (which was laughable, considering that FDR was the ultimate plutocrat). That’s the Democrat party in which I grew up. Republicans were considered to be white shoe bankers while Dems were the people’s people.

Even for the last few decades, despite the fact that Dems were embracing more and more hardcore Marxist ideology, the party still remembered that it was getting votes from the old-fashioned working class and the lower middle class, and that these were people who still thought socialism was a bad thing. Interestingly, having controlled academia since the 1960s, Dems didn’t need to worry about their middle- and upper-middle class constituents.

The sad reality is that people who attended American colleges and universities beginning in the 1960s were endlessly, mindless, and repetitively taught that socialism was a good thing. The fact that socialist countries were despotic basket cases did nothing to discredit the idea. “They just hadn’t done socialism right.”

Moreover, for decades starting in the 1960s and going right through the 1990s, academics and their progeny loved pointing to Europe as the ne plus ultra of working “socialism.” they were undeterred by the fact that (a) Europe still had a market-based economy and (b) Europe’s beloved cradle-to-crave social welfare system was actually an American product. Yup, we Americans paid for it by absorbing almost all of Europe’s defense costs during the Cold War. Americans worked hard so Europeans could retire early, travel endlessly, and get free (although lousy) health care.

Now, in 2019, the Democrats are finally abandoning their pretense that they are not now and never have been socialists. After six decades of controlling education (not just college now, but K-12, plus Headstart), the media, and the entertainment world, Lefties are no longer content to be the ignored man behind the curtain. They’re out and proud. They are socialists. And when you accept their proud assertion, remember what’s baked into the socialist pie: Anti-Semitism. Today’s Democrats are not criticizing Ilhan Omar because their ideology when it comes to Jews aligns perfectly with hers.

But what about all those Jews who are good socialists? Why is that? What the Hell is wrong with those people? Again, there are a few things:

Historically, despite Marx’s ignorant ravings about Jews and capitalism, most of the world’s Jews were horrifically ignorant and downtrodden. They were ferociously abused by various governments, whether Polish or Russian or French or whatever. Unaware of the finer points of Marx’s writing and anti-Semitism, they gravitated naturally to his socialist promises, especially the one about the overthrow of those governments that abused them so badly. Moreover, to the extent that the Church opposed socialism, a church Jews had feared as a fount of anti-Jewish preaching . . . well, we’re back to the whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing.

After WWII, Jews also fell into the trap (thanks to hard work from American Leftists) of believing that the Nazis (aka fascists) were right wing, not proud Left wing socialists. For a smart people, this was crazy stupid, considering that the Nazis’ real name was National Socialists, but whatever….

The confusion was made worse by the fact that Israel was founded as a socialist country, embracing Marx’s idiot ideas while ignoring his anti-Semitism. So fascists are Republicans, and socialists are the good guys, and Jews are good guys, and you know the rest.

But really the main reason Jews in America are staunch Leftists is because Jews are among those Americans most committed to higher education. Jews send their children to college — and American colleges and universities are deeply committed to using their power over vulnerable young people to convert them to Leftism. This is why I’ve been saying for a long time that the best way to stop Leftism in America is to pull federal funds from all institutes of higher education. Trump’s promise to do so for free speech violations is a good start, but it’s not enough.

I think I’m done now: Christians (true Christians, not Leftists who pretend to Christianity) have matured beyond anti-Semitism; Muslims and Leftists have anti-Semitism baked into their core doctrine. The Democrat Party has gone full Leftist, so it embraces Islamic anti-Semitism. And Jews, having had way too much college education, are so deeply imbued with Leftism that they are incapable of seeing that the toxic combination of Islam and Leftism is already preparing the road to the gas chamber. They are exactly like good German Jews in 1933 who refused to accept that their beloved country could ever turn on them.

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