Mueller’s press conference

Robert Mueller ReportJust returned from an enjoyable and busy day of doing things that have nothing to do with politics, and one, moreover, in the company of people who have no interest in politics. I then turn on my computer and learn about Mueller’s despicable press conference.

A prosecutor’s job in advance of an indictment and trial is to claim he has proof of wrongdoing and then to make good on that claim. It is disgraceful, and arguably unethical, for him to state that he didn’t have enough evidence to prove wrongdoing, but just wants to hint that he has suspicions, which forces a person to prove himself innocent in the court of public opinion. This is the antithesis of the American system, which requires the prosecution to prove guilt, not the individual to prove innocence.

I’m confident that, when Barr gets evidence against the true conspirators about this coup effort, he’ll handle things better.

Your opinions, please?