How can people live that way?


Dirty sinkAs you have guessed from previous posts, I have been traveling. The purpose of my trip was to help one of my little Bookworms move from an old apartment into a new house.

When I use the words old and new, I Use them relative to my little Bookworm. One is a former residence; the other a future one. In fact both buildings are quite old and, because they’re student housing, incredibly shabby.

Worse than shabby, the student digs are unbelievably dirty. The new house is so grimy, that after three hours, with three people doing the work, it still disgusted me. I will admit that I am very OCD but I do try to keep it in check, especially when I’m preparing living quarters for someone else who does not care as much as I do. My little Bookworm is quite fastidious but, unlike me, she is not crazy.

While on the trip, I have been paying some attention to the news, but not very much. I have simply been too tired and too busy. Even as I write this, though, I just saw that a judge released Chief Gallagher, the navy SEAL charged with war crimes, from pre-trial confinement based upon prosecutorial misconduct.

It seems as if prosecutorial misconduct is something of a thing nowadays, doesn’t it? If I had the power, I would disbar Mueller from going public with the claim that he couldn’t quite make a case against President Trump for obstruction of justice.

In the first place, considering that it’s becoming more apparent that Trump was the victim of an attempted coup, it is scarcely obstructing justice to rebuff a coup attempt. In the second case it is highly improper for a prosecutor to smear someone with a case he was unable to make. Disbar the man.

The other thing that got my goat today was news that Disney is one of the large Hollywood corporations that is threatening to withdraw all business from Georgia based upon the latter’s pro-life bill. Hollywood is becoming further and further removed from the average American.

I would love to boycott Hollywood but I pretty much don’t have anything to do with it anymore. I don’t have a television; I tend to watch old comedies and old movie that were made decades ago; and I never go to the movies — or almost never. Once again I’m unable to make a statement about corporate America’s hard Left virtue signaling because I don’t engage with corporate America.

I am tempted, however, to stop by Dunkin Donuts, even though I don’t like either coffee or donuts, simply to give money to a store that promises to sell a product, not politics. And of course, I have bought my last Gillette razor blade. If my legs are going to be silky smooth in the future, it will be with someone else’s razors.