No. 28 Bookworm Podcast: Media still lies about the Russia hoax, plus more

In my latest podcast, I talk about the media’s frantic lies as the probe into the Russia hoax deepens, plus crazy, scary, and lovely First Ladies.

Bookworm PodcastMy latest podcast is up and running. You can listen to it through the audio embed below, or at LibSyn, or through Apple Podcasts. This podcast discusses:

1. Tennessee as a haven for American values

2. The unending, but often very subtle, anti-Trump lies that media tells about the Russia hoax’s inception, it’s implementation, and its conclusion.

3. No, Hillary will never be president.

4. President Michelle?

5. Melania does not need to defend her husband.

6. The homeless are urban profit centers.

I’ll follow up in the next few hours with a companion blog post. In the meantime, here are links to the sources I used for the podcast:

The New York Times makes frenzied efforts to protect Dems from the Russia probe

Justice Dept. is said to shift to criminal inquiry of Russia investigation’s origins

MSNBC Panel Very Worried Over Investigation Into Origin of Russia Probe

Book Review from New Politics about Hellman and Hammett

Michelle Obama: Battlespace Preparation

The Odd Conservative Love Affair With Tulsi Gabbard

‘Now is the time’ for Melania Trump to help husband against impeachment as Hillary Clinton did: First Ladies Author

Millions spent on fixing Bay Area homeless crisis, but where does the money go?