No. 29 Bookworm Podcast — Your government hates you; it really hates you

This podcast uses homelessness and the military as a prism to focus on the ruling class’s disdain for ordinary Americans and its transnational allegiance.

Bookworm Podcast transgenderism Russia HoaxMy latest podcast is up and running. You can listen to it through the audio embed below, or at LibSyn, or through Apple Podcasts. This podcast discusses:

1. The homeless “crisis,” which really involves governments using taxpayer dollars to subsidize homelessness.

2. The fruits of Obama’s military — one dedicated to social justice and climate change — reveal themselves in the attacks his high-ranking officers (plus one of Clinton’s officers) level at Trump.

3. Around the world, the ruling class has nothing but disdain for the people it rules, seeing itself instead as a transnational brotherhood government for like minded people in other governments — and the people are starting to rebel.

Here are hyperlinks to articles I cite. To the extent I cite to an earlier post I did, if the links are already in that post, I have not reiterated them here:

Heather MacDonald’s podcast at City Journal’s Ten Blocks

My post about the cancer in Obama’s military

The Navy press release about Harpy Daniels, the Navy drag queen

The Navy Times article about Harpy Daniels

The CNN article describing the spate of Naval accidents

The fact that John Kennedy also canceled newspapers

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