I can’t figure out why Biden picked Kamala

After thinking about it for 36 hours, I’m still bewildered by Biden’s decision to add Kamala Harris to the ticket.

I’ve now had a little more than a day to contemplate Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate. During that time, I’ve tried really hard to figure out what Kamala brings to the ticket and I’m stumped. Here are all the things that I think are problems with Kamala. What’s stunning is that these problems cut across the entire
political spectrum in America. It’s hard to see how anyone could like her:

1. Although she’s labeled as an African-American woman (because Biden kind of locked himself into that), she’s not really part of the African-American experience. Her mother’s a high-caste East Asian Indian whose a well-known scientist. Her black father, from Jamaica, comes from a slave-owning family. He’s a professor emeritus at Stanford. Kamala grew up in affluence in Berkeley and Montreal, Canada. Like Obama, she has no real ties to any type of black experience in America. Obama got a pass because he was “the first” and it was the presidency but I don’t see that pass extending to Kamala as the second in line to a confused, old, white man.

2. Kamala’s husband, while an ardent leftist, is Jewish. That will not endear Kamala to the anti-Semites who now live at the heart of the party. Because so many of them are black, they’re more important than the Jewish vote. In any event, young Jews are as hostile to Israel as their non-Jewish progressive compatriots. The only way to appease them is for both Kamala and her husband to throw Israel overboard — and I’m sure Kamala would do that in a heartbeat. Jewish Democrats are already selling her as a moderate who is Israel’s best friend. She’s spoken out for Israel’s right to self-defense but, since the base hates that, I don’t see it lasting. Moreover, given that she’s for the Iran Deal, everything else she says is meaningless. You can’t simultaneously support Israel and support giving its existential enemy nuclear weapons.

3. Kamala’s husband is white. Many blacks are hostile to interracial marriages.

4. As Tulsi Gabbard famously said, Kamala was the scourge of blacks, and other disadvantaged people, when she was San Francisco’s District Attorney and California’s Attorney General. That’s not going to appeal to a radical base that hates the police or even to more moderate blacks who hate seeing their young people disproportionately imprisoned:

5. Kamala was one of the earliest dropouts in the presidential primaries. If nobody liked her then, why would anyone like her now? And keep in mind that everyone knows that, with Joe in his dotage, Kamala will either be the power behind the president or will actually be the president at some point within the first four years of a Biden administration.

6. Kamala is a hard leftist. Since Joe’s already got the blue states locked up, Kamala isn’t the one to deliver swing states to him. Swing state voters are that way because there the last remnant of centrists in America. Having someone who’s one of the most Marxist people in the Senate is off-putting.

7. Kamala’s attacks on Catholic judges will not endear her to religious people in America.

8. This is my personal shtick, but I think that, without Willie Brown whispering in her ear, Kamala has, at best, average intelligence. She’s a moocher, not a power in and of herself. With Biden useless and Kamala the inevitable face of the upcoming campaign, her intellectual limitations will be very obvious — and Trump and Pence will both easily exploit them.

9. Her voice is awful. It’s draggy and naggy. She always sounds like a scold. At a subliminal level, people won’t like that.

So you tell me — what does she bring to the ticket? I don’t get it.