How far is the journey from Marin County to Melbourne, Australia?

A polite letter from police in Marin County had a sting at the end that seemed the first step in the journey to Melbourne’s new police state.

In terms of miles, the distance between Marin County and Brisbane, Australia, is 7,869 miles (or 12,663.93 km for those doing the meter thing). But I’m not talking about traveling between the two places. Instead, I’m wondering how long it takes to go from Marin’s police action against its citizens to Melbourne’s police actions against its citizens.

Here’s the nice, polite message that the police in one part of Marin County sent to residents (emphasis mine):

Community: Health Order Compliance Operation Planned

Dear _______________________

Central Marin Police will conduct a focused Health Order Compliance operation next week that is intended to both remind and ensure that individuals are complying with the state and county Public Health Orders. Throughout the day on Tuesday, August 18th officers will be on foot in downtown San Anselmo, downtown Larkspur, and in Corte Madera’s shopping centers. They will be contacting individuals who are not in compliance and taking enforcement action as appropriate.

The purpose of this focused effort is to ensure the safety of everyone in our communities and to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through the proper use of face coverings and physical distancing.

Visit for the most current Public Health Order information.

“Enforcement action as appropriate….” Those are rather chilling words. Keep in mind, as always, that the point of the lockdown, way back in March was simply “to flatten the curve” — that is, to slow the spread of the disease so that hospitals could have a chance to get their ducks in a row and not be inundated. That’s worked. Even in New York City, where Cuomo’s and de Blasio’s appalling responses led to one of the highest death rates in the Western world, the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. (And all the support that President Trump sent, in terms of ships, beds, and ventilators, went unused.)

Somewhere along the line, though, making sure the medical system could cope morphed into “we will keep you prisoners of the state forever, with the Wuhan virus as our justification.” Look at New Zealand. All the lefties trumpeted it as the perfect example of how a lockdown with a cooperative citizenry could work perfectly to create a disease-free island. But once your government sets “disease-free” as its goal, you are its prisoners. I suspect that smug New Zealanders, proud of how their cooperation made the first place free of the Wuhan virus, are feeling now: New Zealand shut down all over again because of four new cases. And meanwhile, the prime minister seems to be eying Putin’s and Erdogan’s longevity in office by announcing she will probably delay elections.

Somehow Mother Nature can always be bent to the will of leftists. First, they say Mother Nature is so weak that we must destroy our economies to save her. Then they say that Mother Nature is so strong that we must imprison everyone to avoid her.

But what’s all this got to do with Melbourne? Well, look at that slightly, politely threatening letter in Marin. And now look at police enforcement in Melbourne:

  • Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant.
  • Curfew 8:00pm.
  • $1,652 fine if outside without “a valid reason” – an amount being raised by the day
  • Can’t visit any family or friends.
  • $200 fine for no mask (mandatory masks at all times).
  • Can only exercise once per day, for up to 1 hour.
  • Only one person per household, per day can leave the house (including for groceries).
  • Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home.
  • Weddings are illegal.
  • No gatherings of any size.
  • Army is on the streets fining/arresting people.
  • “Since March 21, a total of 193,740 spot checks have been conducted by police across Victoria.”
  • Protests/activism is illegal; people have already been arrested for peaceful gatherings.
  • Media is EXTREMELY biased, calls protesters “right wing conspiracy nutjobs” and won’t allow discussion of whether these lockdowns are right or not.
  • Several thousand people were placed under house arrest and unable to leave for ANY reason, with food rations delivered by the army, leading to appalling levels of personal trauma.
  • Australia won’t release how many fines they’ve given out, but an ABC news report says it’s over $5.2 million so far.
  • Streets of Melbourne are empty, even in a city of 5 million+ people. People are HATEFUL to each other, everyone is cannibalising their neighbours (calling police to report any little infraction of the rules and turning on each other like some socialist hellhole).
  • Billboards outside on the street that say in capital letters: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STAY HOME.” They feel extremely oppressive, like we’re being yelled at by a very oppressive government.
  • The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews shows complete and utter disdain for us, constantly blaming us. He’s blamed children (yes, really) for not taking this seriously enough. Every chance he gets, he tells us it’s OUR fault the virus is spreading (even though that’s what viruses do – they spread).
  • It’s not just the Victorian Premier – the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is just as terrible. He’s encouraged all of this, and he was responsible for the first lockdown.
  • 1984 dystopian language: billboards everywhere saying “Staying apart keeps us together.” Have they gone mad?
  • There’s probably more but at this point I honestly lost track of all the insanity that’s happened.
  • All because 147 people died in the state of Victoria (total population is 6.359 million), almost all of the deaths are over 70 with comorbidities, same as everywhere else in the world.

To give you a more visceral feel of how Melbourne is “fighting the virus” (or, more accurately, subduing its citizenry), here are a few videos:

So while it’s several thousand miles between Marin County and Melbourne, I wonder how much time it is before Marin’s politely “enforcement action as appropriate” becomes Melbourne’s police state — all because of a virus that Stockholm, Sweden, rode out with pretty much the same death rate as everyone else, but it’s citizen’s rights intact.