Progressives Prepare To Cross The Rubicon

Progressives packing the Supreme Court will be the equivalent of Julius Caeser crossing the Rubicon.  It will be the de facto end of our Republic and, likely, the start of a second civil war.

The seriousness with which the progressive left dreams of taking permanent power in America is on full view today with the amazing bit of Orwellian language they have adopted to justify packing the Supreme Court.  Like Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man who has become the dictator of Turkey if the Democrats win the next election, they intend to treat it much “like a train” and “get off at that stop.”

That last bit is true.  Americans aren’t idiots, which is why Biden is refusing to admit that he will allow himself to be led into packing the Supreme Court by the radical progressives.  The moment he admits to it, then even the grossly partisan press has to examine the ramifications.  And those ramifications are as obvious as they are existential.

When Ben Franklin emerged from Constitution Hall in 1787 at the conclusion of the drafting of our Constitution, a woman is reputed to have asked him,  “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”. Franklin replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Now, 233 years on, we seem in danger of losing our Republic.  Our Republic is built upon a Constitution designed to limit the worst of mob-rule by democracy.  And our Republic is dependant on people acting in good faith within the spirit of the Constitution.  All are endangered by the Court Packing plan being pushed by the radical progressive left and embraced by Joe Biden.

Court packing is one of the first — and inevitably irreversible — steps in deconstructing a Constitutional government and replacing it with a socialist police state.  There are many examples throughout history, but most recently, remember this from 2004, when Hugo Chavez took the first step in turning his country into a one-party socialist nightmare:

The Venezuelan Congress dealt a severe blow to judicial independence by packing the country’s Supreme Court with 12 new justices, Human Rights Watch said today. A majority of the ruling coalition, dominated by President Hugo Chávez’s party, named the justices late yesterday, filling seats created by a law passed in May that expanded the court’s size by more than half.

And just as a reminder, Venezuela went from the most successful nation in South America in 2000 to now, only a mere two decades later, a failed state living under de facto martial law.  The ruling party elites live well in Venezuela, but for all not part of that small group, starvation and astronomical inflation make life in Venezuela a living hell.  The quickest way to end up dead or in jail is to publicly oppose Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Maduro.  Maduro and his elite, having inherited one party rule from Chavez, have no intention of relinquishing power, whether by fair means or foul.  To quote a common bit of wisdom, “you can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out.”  Sixteen years ago, Venezuela packed its Supreme Court, and today, it is in the shooting phase of its political evolution at a cataclysmic cost to the country.

We’ve had a nine-member Supreme Court since 1869.  The only reason to change the number of Judges now is because the left, like Chavez, wants to permanently control the Court, and by it, the country itself.  This has everything to do with raw power.   Make no mistake, the plan to pack the Court is not merely a defensive move by the proggies — it is not going to be just to protect abortion or to undo Citizens United and Janus.  It is going to be to enact the whole panapoly of progressive wants and policies, from rendering the 2nd Amendment a nullity to doing away with the electoral college and permanently insuring one-party rule.  In reality, progressives have been openly planning such a judicial onslaught to rewrite the Constitution since 2015, when they thought that they would gain full control of the Court under a Hillary Clinton presidency.  It is not hard to take the measure of what progressives are calling for today to see where they want this to end.   They want conservatives and the religious among us to be silenced, impotent and disarmed — to be made second class citizens and driven from the public square.

Is this America’s future if non-progressives accept as sheep a power-grab in this country worthy of Chavez?  And of course it won’t be just packing the Court.  To get there, the Senate would need to end the filibuster, a means by which the minority protects itself and which dates in the Senate rules back to 1806.  With the filibuster gone, a Democrat Senate has already indicated that they intend to allow Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. to be admitted as states, giving the Democrats a majority in the Senate, if not also the House, for decades to come, if not permanently.  It really is a power grab worthy of tinpot dictators in a banana republic.  It will be the end of the United States as we know, even if the name and some of the trappings remain the same.

The only question then will be whether Americans of all stripes will accept this new autocracy, or whether they will rebel against their new masters with force of arms if necessary.  I don’t see any way this ends peacefully if Biden is elected.  It is beyond forgiving that no one in leadership is pointing out these ramifications before it is too late even to force Biden into an admission that will allow America to make, perhaps its most important decision since 1861, with understanding and clarity of vision.