Where will you go without Fox News?

Fox News didn’t shoot itself in the foot. It dealt itself a death blow. With it out of the picture, what are you watching?

I watch Tucker Carlson every night. I think he’s intelligent, funny, moral, honest, and genuinely conservative. I watch a little bit of Sean Hannity because he comes on immediately after Tucker, but usually don’t stick around. Sean’s a true conservative, but I don’t have the time to watch more TV than 1 hour per day, and Tucker gets that hour. For the same reason, I don’t watch Laura Ingraham, another consistent conservative.

I’m not currently boycotting the rest of Fox News when I don’t watch it. I’ve never watched it.

Having said that, if I had been watching other Fox News shows, I would be boycotting them now. I think the Fox News corporation’s behavior has been heinous. Chris Wallace’s debate performance was a disgrace. The Outnumbered panel’s decision to censor Newt Gingrich when he discussed George Soros was a disgrace. And Fox New’s election night coverage went beyond disgraceful.

We knew when Roger Ailes got pushed out and Rupert retired in favor of his sons that the station would struggle to remain conservative. Sadly, it didn’t struggle much. It put Paul Ryan on its board, hired Donna Brazile, and let its left-leaning people know that they didn’t need to pretend anymore.

According to reports, with its ratings crashing, Fox News has hired an expensive PR firm to help it out. It can pay me the money, instead, and I’ll tell it what to do.

Fox News actually has just two options:

(1) We’ve decided to reconfigure our news model to be more like CNN’s and MSNBC’s and we’re tired of pretending otherwise.

(2) We totally screwed up. We’re deeply sorry. We promise to give you honest news and commentary from a conservative perspective.

Those two takes are the bottom line — and viewers will figure out that bottom line very quickly.

So heres my question for you: Now that you’ve left Fox News (as I assume you have), where are you going for your news shows?

As for me, I’ll continue to watch Tucker wherever he is, provided he continues doing what he does: honest, funny, intelligent, moral conservative commentary and reporting. And I’ll continue not to watch the rest of Fox News. Instead, I’ll get my information as I always have, which is from my favorite conservative outlets. I’m too lazy to provide links, but here’s a short list:

American Thinker
Epoch Times
Just The News
Daily Wire
Town Hall
Bongino Report
The Federalist
Conservative Treehouse
The Daily Mail

Plus a few others I can’t think of now.

These sites provide original content as well as directing me to interesting content at other sites, including MSM sites. I’m pretty well informed.