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The Bookworm Beat 10-14-15 — the hot quick links edition, and open thread

So much to share with you, and so many demands on my time. I’ll make it quick, tantalizing you with short links to wonderful things: We know the other media outlets are hostile to Israel, but is it possible that Fox News is also turning on Israel? CAMERA has caught

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The Bookworm Beat (11/24/14) — Monday morning mish-mash (and Open Thread)

No intro. Just diving right in here: Kevin Williams wins this week’s prize for best devastatingly honest statements about Obama Kevin Williams argues that, for all his talk of change, Obama is nothing more than a little man who has stepped into a big job and is now busy reshaping the

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What Obama really seeks to destroy by destroying Fox News

Charles Krauthammer identifies the enormous damage the Obami risk doing as they attack and try to destroy national entities associated with conservatives (the Chamber of Commerce, talk radio, Fox news): There’s nothing illegal about such search-and-destroy tactics. Nor unconstitutional. But our politics are defined not just by limits of legality

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