The Media Creating Conditions For A Civil War

J.P. Sears sees the MSM driving us towards a civil war.  His choice of analogizing Democrats to spoiled children — willing to destroy the nation if they are prevented from getting their way — is spot on.

I remain unconvinced that the utterly corrupt and demented Joe Biden won the U.S. Presidency other than by election fraud.  Moreover, the 2020 election was not a free and fair election where the demos was given free and unfettered access to all of the relevant information.  It is more than curious that the only places were Biden outperformed Hillary were in four major cities . . . in crucial swing states.  I have read through many of the affidavits of people who observed election fraud, and I await the information underlying Sydney Powell’s promise to “unleash the Kracken.”

That said, in the meantime, the progressive media is at pains to promote the canard that Joe Biden is already the elected president and that challenges to his election make no difference.  That is quite a change from how the MSM treated Al Gore’s challenges in 2000, when the MSM en masse refused to call the election for George H.W. Bush while legal challenges were pending.  The MSM actions of today have nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with raw power politics.  In the words of JP Sears, in his latest video, the MSM is setting up expectations of righteous victory that could drive our nation into a civil war.  Ironically enough, at Youtube, below Sears’s video, Youtube has appended (as they have on all videos challenging Biden or alleging voter fraud):

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This from J.P. Sears: