“Shhhhh!!! Don’t Say It Out Loud”

Obama warns his fellow travelers to speak disingenuously.  Don’t scare off half of America by being honest about your goals for the nation.

The “Defund the Police” slogan is shorthand for a series of radical proposals (see, for example, Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s The People’s Justice Guarantee) that developed out of the far left’s Burn Loot and Murder movement.  Many radical left politicians in America have embraced the slogan, from Vice President-elect (perhaps) Kamala Harris on down.

The slogan is quite accurate.  The goal of the Far Left is to “reimagine” policing by significantly cutting police budgets and redirecting that money to far-left social causes.  The same people who embrace the Defund the Police slogan likewise inevitably call for an end to jail for blacks and a color-centric system of justice where blacks are given systemic favored treatment.  Besides violating the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, it is bat guano insane. In every local government that has in any way begun to implement such a plan — Portland, NYC, Los Angeles, Minneapolis — police have retired en masse and violent crime has rapidly increased.

Obama appeared in a Snapchat interview with Peter Hamby the other day, during which he criticized all those on the left who have embraced the slogan “Defund the Police:”

As you can see from the short exchange, Obama didn’t criticize any of the underlying motivations and goals of those shouting “Defund the Police.”  He didn’t say that such a policy will lead to disaster, nor did Obama opine that the people pushing to “defund the police” are living in a dark and dangerous fantasy world.  Rather, his take was, don’t say “defund the police” out loud because it will scare off that half of the population who aren’t bat guano insane.  Better to sound careful and measured, claim your opponents are evil, burn down some strawmen caricatures you create, then get most of your desired policies in through the back door while the MSM runs interference.  Obama perfected that manner of politics from 2009-2016, using it to work fundamental and radical changes to our nation.

The interesting thing is that all of the far left cockroaches that crawled out from under the rocks and into the sunlight during the Obama presidency — all of whom expected to take power in America permanently in 2016 — are now having none of Obama’s dissimulation.  They are out in the open and they have no intention of taking part in a quiet revolution.  They intend to conquer:

I have no idea what the next few months hold.  The most likely scenario is that Republicans will hold the Senate, even though Biden-Harris take the White House and then are pushed hard left.  But without the Senate or the Supreme Court, they will not be able to destroy the foundation of the nation, even if they do the nation all sorts of long-term economic and foreign policy harm.  The inability of Biden-Harris to make any fundamental changes to the foundation of our nation will see their radical left base dialing up the volume of their vitriol even past the level they have directed at Trump.  Always the optimist, I am hoping that, even if the next few years are somewhat disastrous, Biden-Harris will do no permanent damage.  My only concern will be keeping up my emergency stock of pop-corn.  I think I’ll need a lot over the next four years.