What do Democrats and the CCP have in common?

For both Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party, it can get pretty deadly when they show their love for you.

The title of this post, of course, is a trick question. As we’ve seen with today’s social media purge, the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party have everything in common. But I was actually thinking of something a little more specific. Twitter, which has banned President Trump, still gives a platform to the Chinese Communists who killed 75 million of their citizens just 50 years ago and who are systematically slaughtering their Uighur citizens. You can find the links yourself, but there’s good evidence that the CCP is arresting Uighurs en masse, shipping them to concentration camps, and killing them outright, killing them through slave labor, forcing organ donation on them, and systematically sterilizing Uighur women. In this, they’re doing exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews although without the efficiency of the gas chambers.

But look at how the CCP proudly promotes its “population control,” just as the Germans boasted about Theresienstadt, their model “relocation program” for the Jews that was a way-station to Auschwitz, the entrance of which was emblazoned with the Orwellian statement Arbeit macht frei (work makes you free):

In the accompanying article, the CCP boasts about how it’s freeing Uighur women. Sterilization macht frei. But if you go to the article, the truth oozes out:

For a period of time, the penetration of religious extremism made implementing family planning policy in southern Xinjiang, including Kashgar and Hotan prefectures, particularly difficult, the research center’s report said. That had led to rapid population growth in those areas as some extremists incited locals to resist family planning policy, resulting in the prevalence of early marriage and bigamy, and frequent unplanned births.


The Uygur population grew from 10.2 million in 2010 to 12.7 million in 2018, an increase of more than 25 percent, while the population of Han people in the region increased by just 2 percent to 9 million over the same period.

Too many Uighurs. The Hans followed the one-child policy; the Uighurs did not. Now, they’re going to pay for that. But it’s so lovingly framed: we’re destroying you for your own good.

And that’s the Democrats right there when it comes to American blacks:

We want you to have unlimited abortions right up until after the baby’s born. You’ll be happier. Never mind the 20 million black babies (that’s more than three Holocausts) who’ve been killed.

We don’t want you to suffer the horror of owning guns. You’ll be happier without a gun, even if it means that the predators in your community have total power over you and kill without conscience or control.

Also, remember that welfare was sold to black families as a form of reparations. “Don’t work,” loving, young activists told black families in the 1960s. “The government owes you.” What happened was that men became extraneous. Communities without men have more poverty, more crime, more promiscuity, and more deeply damaged people, especially young men.

In other words, just as the CCP loves its Uighurs so much that it’s sterilizing them out of existence, that’s how much America’s Democrat party loves the black community. Heaven help anyone truly loved by a leftist.