The Democrats’ departure from reality *UPDATED*

Democrats are drifting ever further from reality. The question for Americans is how long this can last and how painfully it will fail.

Leftism is premised upon two departures from reality: that the government can successfully run the economy and that human nature is perfectible. Without exception, the first has led to economic disaster and the second, which inevitably requires government coercion, has led to totalitarian savagery. In other words, leftists’ promises are always lies and fantasies.

However, I am pretty sure that today’s leftists (aka Democrats) have departed from reality in ways never before seen in human history. Just about everything they advance is delusional. They consistently deny reality. And I’m not just talking about the insistence that America is a racist nation. For every bit of proof we assert that America is the least racist nation on earth, they have counter-proof of someone’s “lived” experience.

After all, if you’ve redefined racism to mean “she asked me to repeat my name twice, as if there was something ‘wrong’ about being called Lashawn’w’Tonk3,” you’re going to end up with a lot of “racism.” Likewise, if you define racism to mean supporting any values or people that represent a political threat to the Democrat party — well, again, there’s going to be a lot of racism.

In other words, leftists have created a lot of wiggle room on reality. But there are also some remarkably clear delusions that they resolutely advance. Here’s my list. I bet you can add to it:

1. People’s feelings can magically change their biological sex. Add in a little slice and dice surgery and same dangerous hormones and — voila! — you have been recreated as a creature of the opposite sex (or a dragon or alien, depending on your brand of mental illness).

2. Refusing to punish criminals will reduce crime. Across America, Soros-funded prosecutors and Democrat-run criminal justice systems are defunding police, ending bail, stopping prosecutions, and “decarcerating” convicted criminals. They same unfazed by the fact that crime rates across America are escalating.

3. Human activity (or, more accurately, American activity, not Chinese) is powerful enough to override the sun’s effect on the earth and the earth’s natural climate cycles.

4. Islam is a religion of peace. While there are peaceful Muslims, Islam’s core is built around conquest and submission. In other words, it’s peaceful if, as Tacitus said of the Romans, you make a desert and call it peace.

5. Ordinary American activities are dangerous disease vectors that must be stopped, including flying on airplanes and traveling to and from Florida, but there are no health risks connected with inviting millions of illegal aliens to cross the border unhindered and then to be dispersed throughout America. Even in a pro-Wuhan virus era, during the last “great border crossing” under Obama, these illegal aliens brought massive waves of new (and very old) diseases to America.

6. Biden is an intelligent, high-functioning human being and a model of rectitude.

I think this video sums up many Democrat fantasies. What disturbs me most about it is that I recognize every single speaker. I’m spending way too much time paying attention to politics:

At the end of the day, reality always triumphs. I’ll repeat the question from the summary at the top of this post: How long can this retreat from reality last and how painfully will it fail?

UPDATE: Of course, it’s not only the Democrats who have parted ways from reality. The NeverTrump “Republicans” aren’t tightly attached to reality either. If they were, this travesty would never have happened:

(The image above replaces an earlier one that had a mathematical error.)

UPDATE IIMy friend Anony Mee sent me the following comment, which struck me so forcibly I want to include it here:

I know you agree that the leftists/progressives are ideologically wed to totalitarianism, authoritarianism, socialism, communism, fascism, and Naziism. Commies have had America under attack for a century now.

But there is one unsettling difference in our times. All those other isms, and the groups, leaders, countries that implemented them had one thing in common. Nationalism. They loved their countries, cultures, peoples in a way that viewed them as the best and most deserving of power and world rule.

But ours hate this country.

By establishing our being on moral, ethical, and spiritual grounds, the founders acknowledged the imperfection, and imperfectability, of the human condition and provided room to improve, though not to reach perfection. This is the crack through which these cockroaches have entered our house. They are bent on nothing more than gorging themselves on whatever they find, including unhappiness and discontent, and with chewing through the insulation to burn the house down.

I think this frightening difference needs to be explored. Not sure I have the chops to do.

I wrote back telling her that our elite do have a nationalist loyalty: To China. As Lee Smith said in this depressing must-read article, that’s where their interests and affinity lie.