A serious question

I had a longer post in mind but the day ran away from me. Instead, I have a serious question to pose.

Since Biden entered the White House on January 20 the following things have happened (and this list isn’t in any particular order):

  • Biden’s made a wild ad hominem attack against Putin, who has nuclear power.
  • Biden’s Defense Secretary threatened Kim Jong-un, who has nuclear power.
  • Biden’s erased the southern border entirely (never mind that he has no legal authority to do so).
  • The Democrats as a whole have switched to an economic rule that’s based on the printing press principle: Money is no object because they’ll print it up as they go along.
  • The Democrats have declared war on women via their proposed Equality Act.
  • The Democrats have declared war on our constitutional democratic republic via their laughably named For the People Act.
  • The Democrats have declared war on upwards of 80 million people by calling every Trump supporter (no matter that person’s race) a dangerous white supremacist.
  • The Democrats have turned Washington, D.C., into an armed headquarters.
  • The Democrats have hastened the push to turn the military into a social justice brigade that is more willing to go to war against Americans than against our geopolitical enemies.
  • Biden has refunded the Iranian Mullah’s push to become a full nuclear power.
  • The Democrats have done everything they can to spark a race war in America, with whites as the race to be warred against.
  • Biden is reinstating the war against men on college campuses by removing the due process rights Trump put in place.
  • Biden plans to raise taxes on an economy already broken because of Covid lockdowns. (Although I think every corporation and upper-middle-class person that supported Biden should be reamed with high taxes. Sadly, taxes can’t be structured that way.)
  • The Democrats have declared war on children with the insane push for transgenderism — and the belief that little children should be treated with chemicals and surgery for beliefs that almost invariably pass as the children mature.

And that’s just the shortlist of the last two month’s efforts. It doesn’t even take into account the economic and race wars the Democrats pushed in 2020.

Here’s my question: I originally thought that the Democrats were just in this for power. I now think that they are in this to completely destroy the United States. Looking at their activities over the last two months, though, I think they’ve got a bigger plan than just perpetual political power. It seems to me that the real plan is that, within a few years, the United States is entirely gone and some U.N. run geographic entity exists in its place, a sort of cross between Venezuela and the Jim Crow south, only with the whites sitting in the back of the bus — except, of course, for the technocrats and politicos who will continue their rarefied existence in gated enclaves. Am I crazy or is that what’s really going on here?