Bookworm Beat 07/18/2021 — the life in Biden’s America

The one good sign about the world devolving with such rapidity is that events provide a huge fund from which to draw when it comes to memes.

UPDATE: I just looked at this post and saw that, rather than calling it “life in Biden’s America,” as I had intended, I called it “the life in Biden’s America.” That made me laugh like crazy because I’ve been complaining that, when I edit articles for American Thinker, everybody writes like a Russian: No articles. You know what I mean: “In store, I say to grocery clerk, ‘meat is bad.’ He sends me to manager.” That kind of thing. I seem to have gone in the other direction and added an unnecessary article.

This next Biden family cartoon comes from my friend Broc Smith. You can see his incredible array of pointed political cartoons here.