Bookworm Beat 8/30/21 — the “does anybody really know what time it is” Joe Biden illustration edition

Americans and the world are finally getting a deep glimpse into the disaster that is Joe Biden and the immorality that is leftism.

I’ve been meaning for days to do a real post or a podcast (or both) but the combination of the Afghanistan debacle and leftist efforts to use the Delta Variant to copy Australia and destroy all civil liberties means that my work at Amerian Thinker is now taking twice as long. I know things will slow eventually but, until then, the best I can manage is Illustrated Editions. It’s nice to be able to piggyback off of other people’s insights.

In 2016, I wrote a joking post about a new, female James Bond in a brave new world run by Social Justice Warriors. I unimaginatively called this female bond “Jamesina Warrior,” and even made a picture:

Jamesina Bond Daniel Craig in wig

A year later, Daniel Craig did a leftist PSA video with Judi Dench that included him in a blonde wig. The likeness was uncanny:

And now it turns out that, back in the day, Craig actually sported long hair. There is no satire in this world anymore that comes even close to the insanity of reality: