Sic semper tyrannis: They fear the people and Neil Oliver explains why

Sic semper tyrannis (“thus always to tyrants”) means tyranny gets punished. Neil Oliver says that today’s tyrants know this and are worried.

The same friend who wrote me the letter about life in modern England included a link to a statement from Neil Oliver about the fear he sees in the Western world. I meant to watch it yesterday but ran out of time. Today, I find that the video is all over the place, and rightly so.

In a beautiful Scots accent, and looking a bit like an old-time prophet with his beard, long hair, and piercing eyes, Oliver explains that there is fear in the air. But while the masses are being manipulated into fear, the real place from which it emanates is from our rulers and the billionaire class. They are afraid of the people because they see in the world’s people a threat to their wealth and power. And as their grip on those precious things becomes more paranoid, they engage in policies that ironically make them even more afraid.

It’s an excellent video, a warning to tyrants, and a cry for liberty. (And for those in America, a reason to be grateful for our Second Amendment, which works, as our Founders intended, to keep our government from turning into Australia.) And of course, there’s that Scot’s accent: