Disney’s corporate madness reflects a huge class divide in America

Seeming disparate threads, including the madness at Disney, when bound together, reveal that America is experiencing a most peculiar class struggle.

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Disney has been in the news a great deal lately because it decided to go to war against Governor DeSantis and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which they falsely labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. You and I know that the bill does nothing more than say that teachers may not use Kindergarten through 3rd-grade classrooms to teach kids the ins and outs of the LGBTQ+++ spectrum.

The bill was necessary because that’s exactly what many teachers are doing across America. Here are just a few examples:

Before getting to other examples of aggressively grooming teachers, I want to take a look at Brooke school because it feeds into the theory I’m trying to develop.

Brooke is a charter school in the Boston area. Note the conspicuous rainbow flag on the home page:

The linked “diversity” page reveals that, despite its fanatic commitment to “diversity, equity and inclusion,” its staff is almost half white (45%).

The whiteness is pervasive at the upper levels. The “network” team, which is management for the three campuses, is majority white by a vast margin. At the Roslindale campus, the principal is white, as are two out of three of the assistant principles. At Mattapan, the principal and three out of four assistant principals are white. East Boston has a black principal but a quick scan of the webpage hints that around of the staff members are white. The 8th Grade Academy has a black principal and again, a heavy bolus of white teachers. Only the Brooke High School team seems genuinely racially mixed (although the acting principal is white).

Hold that thought about the whiteness and the college degrees those teachers must have. (And keep in mind that education degrees are the least demanding in any college.) Here’s more information about groomers in schools:

Libs of TikTok has dozens, even hundreds, of these videos exposing teachers — almost invariably white, often female and, of course, college-educated — explaining how they use their classroom as a pulpit for making sure that their students, no matter how young, are being taught that sex is a choice, not a biological reality, and that there’s nothing normal about monogamous heterosexual relationships. They also boast about hiding all this from parents. All of these, of course, are the behaviors of predators grooming young people for the predators’ future benefit.

But how does this all factor into Disney? (Remember, I’m trying to find an overarching theory that will address all of this.)

Let’s start with a few Walt Disney heirs. There’s Abigail Disney, Walt’s grandniece. She’s white, rich (net worth $120 million, all inherited), and is a liberal arts degree jockey (Yale University (BA), Stanford University (MA), Columbia University (PhD)). She’s also an arch-leftist who talks about the Parental Rights in Education bill as a failure of love, with love being the most important thing of all. We must love the LGBTQ+++ people and let them expose their true selves to little children. Funnily enough, you really don’t feel the love when she goes after people who dare to disagree with her.

Second, there’s the other Disney heir, Charlee Corra Disney, Disney’s great-great niece. Charlee is a woman who believes she is a man…white, rich, college-educated, and a teacher.

Third, there’s Charlee’s father — Walt’s great nephew (and Abigails) brother and another rich, white person — who donated $500,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, a huge, well-funded LGBTQ+++ advocacy group.

Here are two more pieces of the picture I’m trying to create. The first is the videos that someone sent Christopher Rufo of Disney’s LGBTQ employees boasting about all the gay, gay, trans, trans people they are, things they’re doing, and things they intend to do to make Disney more gay, gay, trans, trans.

These are the home office people. The “suits,” even if they’re not actually wearing one. The picture I have in my head of them is that they went to liberal arts college or, at the very least, got liberal arts degrees. They amassed a lot of student debt and would just love it if Biden would cancel that debt, never mind that he has no constitutional or statutory authority to do so. They live in urban communities and sneer at people who don’t. They are lifestyle leftists.

The second is a great story about a man who paid $2000 to take his extended family to Disney World. He tried to cancel his plans when all the Disney madness emerged but, when he couldn’t, he instead let his feelings be known via a plain white t-shirt, with simple messages. On the back, he wrote “Hello Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen.” The front said, “Woke Disney.”

Once at Disney World, he was engaging not with the “suits” but with the ordinary working-class people on the ground, most of whom either didn’t go to college or don’t define themselves and their values through their college experience. Epoch Times describes what happened:

“I was very surprised,” Geffers said, recalling how even the employees who were directing guests toward the entrance were commenting, saying: “Nice T-shirt,” and “I like your shirt.” When they got inside and proceeded toward the gate for admission, more employees made comments on how they liked the shirt. “It was nice to hear,” he said.

“Once inside the park and throughout the day, many people came up and wanted to take a picture with him, saying ‘I have to send this to my husband, he didn’t want me to come today’ or “I’m going to send this to my buddy, he’s going to get a kick out of this.’ Some people would just tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, thanks for wearing that shirt’ or ‘I like your shirt.’ He even made sure to get a picture of himself in the T-shirt with his daughters.

What really surprised Geffers was when he went to one of the concession stands to get some ice cream bars and popcorn for his girls.

“I handed her the money to pay for it and she said, ‘It’s on Mickey. I like your shirt,’ and I was like—okay.”

On the second day, Geffers and the gang went to Hollywood Studios. His T-shirt drew a lot of attention there as well. He would see people walking by, snapping pictures, and tapping friends and family members on the shoulder to point and smile. More notable, Geffers said did not notice or hear any negative comments. Neither did his daughters or the other people in the group.

Aside from token minorities and working class people, what we’re witnessing with the whole Disney “trans” thing is a class divide: the liberal arts college graduates versus the ordinary people.

There’s also this amazing bit of data, showing that everyone in America is shifting conservative…except white, college-educated women who are doubling down on leftism:

This video confirms that white women are driving this train but that college-educated men and minorities are falling in line:

This fits in perfectly with my observations about the most insane people during the George Floyd riots: White women who have been driven mad through the cognitive dissonance of being told that they are both victims (because they’re women) and victimizes (because they’re white). The smart ones walk away. The less smart ones become teachers and Disney back-office employees.

This is a massive class divide, something that invariably crops up in affluent cultures. What’s different about this class divide is that the richer, more educated (or, more accurately, credentialed) members of the class have a cult-like fanaticism that makes them want to indoctrinate others. While most self-styled elite classes want to push away the hoi poloi, this cultic class, driven by academics, has a different plan. Under its malignant rule, you don’t get the perks of the class — the four years of extended adolescence in college, the physically undemanding office jobs, or the big salaries. Instead, you just get the downsides: Destroyed children with mutilated bodies and suicidal ideations.