Once again, the Simpsons got there first

In a remarkable moment of prescience, The Simpsons predicted one of April’s major news stories.

I stopped watching The Simpsons at least a decade ago. It just wasn’t funny anymore and the leftwing policies were beginning to grate.

My Little Bookworm (although now she’s taller than I am, out of college, and living a happy and productive life) still loves watching The Simpsons. It’s how she relaxes when she has a little free time here and there.

So it was that, because My Little Bookworm has been staying with us for a few days, she fired up her Disney account (it’s hers, not mine) on our TV and asked me to join her. I’m no fool. When my grown daughter wants my company, I’m a yes.

I suggested a Treehouse of Horror episode because those were pretty reliably good over the first 20 years, I figured that it wouldn’t be that bad…and it wasn’t. We watched the 30th Treehouse of Horror, which was, coincidentally, also episode 666.

In order to lead up to that “666,” the little lead-in to the episode, before the credits rolled, posited that Maggie was satanic (a familiar Treehouse of Horror trope). And as always, the only one who knew the truth was Ned Flanders.

That’s where this video comes in, with Ned Flanders prepared to do what is necessary to deal with Maggie’s satanism. Pay close attention to the Mark of the Beast, which is not the one you saw at the top of this post:

Is that prescient or what?