VIDEO: The left wants your children

JP Sears is out with one of his best videos, this one looking at what’s going on in too many American classrooms.

What makes this latest from JP Sears such a superb video is that, if you follow Libs of Tik Tok (now up to 1.2 million followers thanks to the Streisand effect flowing from the WaPo’s doing), you realize that what’s underlying every joke is an actual Libs of Tik Tok video. That is, he’s taken the nonsense these teachers spout and just jacked it up a bit.

In the year 2000, we would have identified JP himself as the weird, sick pedo for doing this video. That was back when the world leaned more to sanity. In 2022, it’s very clear that he’s satirizing the real, narcissistic groomers in America’s schools: