My COVID’s malicious turn and something that cheers me up

I thought I was recovering wonderfully from COVID. A couple of days fever, a few sore joints, a bit of a cough but, otherwise, my COVID was inconsequential. That is, until I got the rash.

I’ve now learned that about 1% of COVID sufferers get a rash — and I am in the 1%. I strongly feel that, if I’m going to be in the 1% of something, it would be better if I were in the 1% of wealth, not rashes.

As it is, the rash is covering my entire upper body from the top of my head down to my waist. I itch and hurt over every inch of me. The rash lasts from 2 to 12 days, with 8 being average. I’m worried that I will, again, be an above-average performer in this regard.

I’m very grateful I didn’t get pneumonia and I’m taking an aspirin a day to ward off the COVID blood clot issue. In the same vein, I should be grateful that I got nothing more severe than a rash but, contrary me, I just feel itchy and bitchy.

Because I work from home, I managed to lose only half a day to COVID and that was when I was running a fever. Otherwise, I’m still working full-time. That’s a good thing but, periodically, I need to cheer myself up — and what better way to do that than with one of Busby Berkeley’s brilliant extravaganzas?

I only recently discovered 1937’s Varsity Show. As with all these old movies, the plot is too stupid for words. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, though, I don’t have to watch the plot. When the movie shows up on TCM, I skip from one musical number to the next, and when it’s not on TCM, I make do with whatever videos I can find on YouTube:

Image: This is not me because I’m not scratching my rash. It’s a stefamerpik image of a young woman doing what I wish I could do.