The two Americas

I think I’ve managed to boil down to a paragraph what’s happened to America, and I don’t see any way of walking this back.

Democrats and Republicans used to have fairly similar concerns — good wages, secure borders, national security, safe neighborhoods, racial harmony, strong families — but they differed about how to achieve those goals. Now, though, the two parts of America have completely different goals. Republicans still want the same things. Democrats want a socialized economy, open borders, one world government, overbuilt urban neighborhoods with free street housing for homeless drug addicts, racial division, and a sexual smorgasbord totally at odds with strong families. These visions cannot be reconciled.

Montage: Normal family image from Freepik paired with a picture of a woman, on the left, who just gave birth even though she claims she’s a man, along with her partner, on the right, a man who claims he’s a woman, and who is trying to nurse that poor newborn baby.