Category: Civil War

The Rule of Law In Danger

Justice is supposed to be blind.  That is not the case in America today and President Trump is partly to blame. [Update:  This today from the Daily Caller: President Donald Trump chose to have the indictments of 12 Russian hackers announced before his Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin,

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Wolf Bytes – 23 June 2018

A lost wolf is a wherewolf The Picture. Time magazine publishes a BS photo of a young girl supposedly being separated from her mother at the border.  Now comes the minor correction. On Friday, Time published a correction saying: “The original version of this story misstated what happened to the girl

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Democrats Without Honesty; Republicans Without Chests

I always expect that the progressive left will act without intellectual honesty or conscience to achieve their ends.  I did not expect the progs to be aided in their efforts by eunuchs in the Dept. of Justice.  As Andy McCarthy opines, The Justice Dept. Is Killing Trump. Everything in the public

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