I support gender-affirming care…done my way

It’s time to reclaim the English language and reality and to take a stand for gendering-affirming care done right.

A phrase that enrages me is “gender-affirming care.” Parents are told that, if they stand in the way of their child receiving “gender-affirming care,” their child will inevitably commit suicide. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies rake in huge amounts of money for “gender-affirming care.” The media and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself) never miss the opportunity to tell us that, if we deny people “gender-affirming care,” we’re committing genocide. Well, I’m here to speak out for real gender-affirming care, which reclaims that language and strikes a blow for common sense and human decency.

Currently, “gender-affirming care” comes into play when a person—nowadays, often a child who has been on the receiving end of relentless pro-“transgender” propaganda or, worse, a parent who absorbed the same propaganda—announces that he or she is “transgender.” Boys suddenly declare they’re girls, and girls declare they’re boys, both having struggled under the burden of having been “misgendered” at birth.

That’s when the for-profit medical establishment steps in. Let’s contemplate for a minute what they do to these self-identified (or parent-identified) “transgender” children.

If the children haven’t gone through puberty, they’re put on “puberty blockers.” The alleged reason is so that they can “pause” and think about who or what they are. In fact, I’ve yet to hear of a case in which these children are given any therapy or even just space to think about what they are, so that they can be reconciled to their biological sex.

Instead, the institutions behind “transgenderism,” simply keep the child in limbo, prevented from experiencing a natural puberty that will flood the child’s body with the natural hormones associated with his or her biological sex. Megan Fox, in discussing the tragedy of Jazz Jennings, whose healthy, male child’s body was forced into a perversion of a woman’s body, sums up perfectly what really happens with “puberty blockers”:

Instead of treating the underlying illnesses and conditions that could vary from depression to autism to anxiety or more serious events like traumatic abuse, our greatest medical minds prescribe dangerous hormones and surgeries to alter healthy body parts without even asking what’s causing the disconnect between body and mind. They then stop children from experiencing puberty, which is supposed to flood the brain and body with the crucial hormones it needs to fully develop.

This process is so important and necessary that its benefits are still being studied and discovered. One of the reasons Jazz cannot experience sexual desire is because that process was stopped and he was denied the experience of becoming fully human.


As I’ve watched Jazz in the last couple of years, it’s very clear that he’s suffering in a state of perpetual childhood. He was stopped from going through male puberty, but he also didn’t go through female puberty. He has no body hair at all. He has never had to shave his legs. He never developed pubic hair. The idea that kids whose puberty is blocked will then go through the opposite sex puberty when given hormones is false. The things that cross-sex hormones give a person are artificial. Sure, breasts might grow, but they are not functional. They will never suckle a babe.

Sexual maturation can’t happen precisely if puberty was blocked. The hormones required to feel sexual attraction were never released and can’t be duplicated. There are even hormones that are released when we fall in love. Jazz was prevented from having access to those hormones. And orgasm? You need hormones for that, too, and not the kind that come in a syringe. You need the ones that cause all those unwelcome surprise erections and nocturnal emissions, something that Jazz missed entirely.


The end result of stopping male puberty in Jazz’s case is the creation of an adult without sexual function. Though Jazz pretends to have felt arousal, it seems more like wishful thinking as he’s 22 and hasn’t had any real romantic relationship and shies away from any activity like kissing or cuddling.

I imagine that, in terms of normal sexual function and even the ability to get pregnant or nurse a baby, the same is true for girls put on puberty blockers.

So first, the gender-mad leftists “de-sex” children. Then, they start them the hormones associated with the opposite of their biological sex. I’ve written often about how these cross-sex hormones are very dangerous because they cause sterility (assuming a child who has been on puberty blockers is still fertile), cancer, and heart disease. But let’s talk about the desired effects of these hormones. (Pay attention because, if this were a class, it would be on a test.)

If you give a girl testosterone, these are the “male” changes that affect her body:

Desirable physical changes that can be caused by testosterone include [fn omitted]:

  • Increased face and body hair
  • Increased lean mass and muscle growth
  • Lowering of vocal pitch
  • Increased interest in sexual activity
  • Stopping menstruation
  • Clitoral growth

If you give a boy testosterone, these are the “female” changes that affect his body:

The combination of a testosterone blocker with estrogen can lead to the following types of desired changes in the body:

  • breast growth
  • decreased body and facial hair
  • redistribution of body fat
  • softening and smoothing of the skin
  • reduced acne
  • slowed or stopped scalp balding [fn omitted]

Most importantly, as people who have taken opposite-sex hormones attest, the hormones change their emotional lives. Although women naturally have some testosterone, when they take the levels that cause them to mimic men’s physical characteristics, women become aggressive and competitive, and their sex drive increases.

Meanwhile, men also have trace amounts of estrogen. However, when they take the levels that cause them to mimic women’s physical characteristics, men become more moody, sensitive, tender, and emotional.

In other words, testosterone makes women feel more like men and men feel more like women.

Some people stop right there. The women have muscles, deep voices, and facial hair; the men have fewer muscles, breast growth, no beard and, although the link above doesn’t mention it, a higher voice.

However, others go on to have surgery. These surgeries are brutal. For women, it starts with mastectomies and hysterectomies that leave them unable to nurse a child or even have a child. Men are a little leerier about chopping bits of themselves off, but many will neuter themselves like a dog by chopping off their testicles and even their penis.

Needless to say, these “basic” surgeries and hormones are a huge profit center for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Many of the same people intent on remaking their bodies so that they superficially mimic the opposite sex’s bodies, will have more subtle cosmetic augmentation. Men will have boob jobs, shave their Adams’ apples, and soften their jaw lines. Women will have implants to give them a more masculine jawline.

But things get unbelievably gross and disturbing when men and women try to mimic the opposite sex’s external sexual characteristics. Gross, disturbing and, for the medical industry, profitable.

Megan Fox describes what happened to poor Jazz:

At 17, even though a minor, Jazz underwent multiple genital surgeries to remove his penis and have it inverted. This process was botched and several attempts were made to remedy it, but the reduced size of Jazz’s penis due to years on puberty blockers made an already brutal surgery even worse.


Then there’s the awful reality of Jazz’s neo-vagina, which needs constant dilation so it doesn’t close up.

I remember how painful piercing my ears was and trying to keep those tiny wounds from closing (I eventually gave up). I can’t imagine trying to keep a hole so much larger from closing. Jeanette revealed how reluctant Jazz is to put the dilator in the wound and shocked the nation by saying she threatened to do it to Jazz if he wouldn’t do it for himself more regularly. This young person’s life has been one public humiliation after the next. It makes my heart ache.

Creating a fake penis for girls is an equally brutal process. These are the steps of a “successful” phalloplasty, described in nice, anodyne, medical terms:

Phalloplasty is a multistaged process that may include a variety of procedures, including:

  • Creating the penis
  • Lengthening the urethra so you are able to stand to urinate
  • Creating the tip (glans) of the penis
  • Creating the scrotum
  • Removing the vagina, uterus and ovaries
  • Placing erectile and testicular implants
  • Skin grafting from the donor tissue site

This is what really happens:

So, that’s what passes for “gender-affirming care”: Keep children in stasis for a few years, rather than allowing natural puberty, then flood their bodies with opposite-sex hormones and perform mutilating surgeries.

How about a different approach to offering real gender-affirming care?

I’m willing to concede that, thanks to pregnant women with the birth-control pill still circulating in their bodies, estrogen in our drinking water because women excrete it when they urinate, and hormone perversion because of the chemicals in our food and cookware, it’s entirely possible that the up-and-coming generation of children may not produce enough of their own body’s hormones. In addition, girls are relentlessly taught to be aggressive, as boys naturally are, while boys are equally relentlessly taught to be passive, just as girls naturally are.

Between the one and the other, it’s no wonder that, when they’re exposed to the popular idea of “transgenderism,” especially thanks to grooming teachers and (sadly) parents, many children embrace the idea that they’re in the wrong body. It would explain so much of the confusion in their lives, especially because the groomers dishonestly promise that following the transgender path will inevitably lead to happiness.

So, let’s contemplate that boy or girl, each with a low dose of natural hormones, and each having been taught to behave in a way unnatural to his or her biological gender. Now is the time for true “gender-affirming care.”

If that child starts toying with the idea of transgenderism, let’s first address it by allowing natural puberty, which is the body’s own form of “gender-affirming care.” If that is insufficient to overcome possible biological or indoctrinated causes for a boy feeling less manly or a girl feeling less womanly, here’s my version of interventional “gender-affirming care”:

Give the boy testosterone, which will help deepen his voice, build his muscles and, most importantly, make him feel a man’s emotions. Alternatively, give the girl estrogen, which will soften her voice, enlarge her breasts and, most importantly, make her feel a woman’s emotions.

That’s real “gender-affirming care.” It’s affordable, safe, and natural; in other words, it’s everything a leftist should want. And of course, the fact that this is the last thing leftists actually want tells you a great deal about their real agenda.

Image: Boy and girl by freepik.

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