2023.03.23 Video Podcast: A little bit of everything that’s in the news

What’ll you hear in this podcast? Ruminations about Trump, childhood, parents, black racism, gun safety and government, Heaven and crime, and a few random other topics.

This is a more random podcast than most. Think of it like your old-fashioned local nightly newscast, with a little of this and a little of that. Without further ado, here is my video podcast in all sorts of formats depending on your listening preferences:

If that doesn’t load, you can watch the video on Rumble.

If you prefer audio only, you can find it here. Or you can listen to the podcast now by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

If you prefer Apple podcasts, you can find all my podcasts here.

Finally, much to my surprise, I got an invitation from Amazon Music to add my podcast to its roster. I just added it, so it’s processing. However, I believe that you can find the by looking for “Bookworm Room’s Podcast.” Also, as soon as I have a link, I’ll add that too. UPDATE: I know have the Amazon Music link.

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