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Alpha dogging the Afghanis

It's not just remembering past events that helps us to avoid repeating past mistakes, it's also recognizing the foibles and mental tics of past enemies. As always, since we're engaged in another fight against true totalitarianism, it's useful to remember the German experience from both WWI and WWII. Let's begin

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Yes! War for oil.

I’m in the midst of listening to Terry Gross’s Fresh Air interview with Kevin Phillips, a former Nixon operative who is deeply hostile to the Bush family and to the religious right (and he’s just written a book about how the religious right is destroying American politics). I’m about ten

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Poor journalism

It’s easy to point the ideological finger of blame at today’s MSM — a finger deservedly pointed, I think. However, there’s more to shoddy reporting than just rampant belief systems. There are simply too many mistakes to be explained away that way. (For example, even anti-Bush hysteria couldn’t completely account

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