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The Merits of Exit Exams

California educators are all a-tizzy because their students now have to actually know something to graduate from high school.  Democrats, particularly, are up in arms that graduation should be conditioned on demonstrating a minimal level of achievement.  While the controversy is becoming acute now, as graduation day approaches, this story nicely

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Diversity watch

Have you ever read Daddy Long Legs? Written in 1912, it's a charming story about a young orphan, Judy, who is sent to college by an anonymous trustee, her only obligation being to write him letters about her college experience.  It's one of my favorite examples of an epistolatory book. 

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A school that works

Have you heard of Joanne Jacobs? She's a former San Jose Mercury News editorial writer and Knight Ridder columnist whose beat (at least in recent years) has been education. I've consistently enjoyed her articles whenever I've read them, and you can track what she's writing here, at her website. A

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