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With the 2012 election heating up, it must be “cry racism” season again

Despite the fact that Republicans are currently busy working the circular firing squad, making outside efforts to destroy them somewhat redundant, the Progressives/Democrats/Media/Usual Suspects aren’t taking any chances about the November 2012 election and have already brought out the big gun:  They’re crying racism. The racism claim that got the

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AP catches up with story about WH attempt to exclude Fox from the news cycle — and the nutroots respond accordingly

Twenty-four hours after the fact, the AP finally figured out that, maybe, just maybe, it’s worth reporting that the White House tried to freeze out a news organization that challenges it, and was stopped only because other news organizations realized that, if they let this one pass, they would forever

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Blogger censorship

Two of my favorite bloggers — Paragraph Farmer and Joshua Pundit — got “spam blocked.”  Their blogs are still accessible, but they can no longer post. The way spam blocking works is that someone who doesn’t like the content on your Blogger-hosted blog clicks repeatedly on the little “spam” button

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