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A writer who understands how the Left operates

I’m reading a very enjoyable novel right now that is completely on point about the way in which the Left operates, especially when it comes to the media and academia. The writer is tuned into the name calling that substitutes for informed debate. For example, when the book’s protagonist, Paul,

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Unsafe at any grade

If you suspected that many professors at America’s top universities view their students at passive receptacles for the professor’s propagandizing, you thought rightly. When students at Dartmouth broke this unspoken compact, one that is antithetical to the traditional idea of a university as a place where students learn logical, analysis,

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Quick picks

I’ve got a project, and pretty much exhausted myself writing this morning’s post (too much thinking, dammit!), so I’ll just give you links to some stories that caught my eye today. 1.  John Hawkin’s writes about five top conservative female bloggers and discusses how they face different challenges from their

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