Sensible ideas for protecting our students *UPDATED*

Armed guard at school in Israel

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive VP, says that our violent culture is to blame for gun violence and that, as long as the culture is what it is, school children should have police protection.  Despite the fact that the majority of Americans agree with him, the drive-by media is excoriating as if he had just announced that he eats children for breakfast and urges us all to do the same.  Americans, who have been schooled out of rational thinking, will soon be referring to LaPierre in the appropriate pariah-like terms and, like the useful idiots they’ve been trained to be, mouth agreement with the same media that espouses values they reject.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the subject, because promised that I’d back off from the gun posts for a little while.  That doesn’t mean, though, that I can’t direct you to other people’s.  (Hey, I’m a lawyer.  I’m always looking for loopholes.)

First, Bookworm room friend Servo1969 put up a solid post at the Free Republic detailing practical ways to protect our children when they’re herded into public schools.  And honestly, I had no idea you could holster a gun in your bra.

Second, when it comes to the media’s performance in the wake of this tragedy, Mark Steyn says it best:

For those untouched by death this Christmas, someone else’s bewildering, shattering turn of fate ought to occasion a little modesty and circumspection. Instead, even by its usual execrable standards, the public discourse post-Newtown has been stupid and contemptible. The Left now seizes on every atrocity as a cudgel to beat whatever happens to be the Right’s current hottest brand: Tucson, Ariz., was something to do with Sarah Palin’s use of metaphor and other common literary devices — or “toxic rhetoric,” as Paul Krugman put it; Aurora, Colo., was something to do with the Tea Party, according to Brian Ross of ABC News. Since the humiliations of November, the Right no longer has any hot brands, so this time round the biens pensants have fallen back on “gun culture.” Dimwit hacks bandy terms like “assault weapon,” “assault rifle,” “semiautomatic,” and “automatic weapon” in endlessly interchangeable but ever more terrifying accumulations of high-tech state-of-the-art killing power.

Okay, I’m done for now. But please don’t tune out of this debate. Our fundamental liberties have never been more at risk. The Obama administration has now taken aim at both the First Amendment (religious freedom) and the Second Amendment (right to carry arms). With the media running interference for him, we have to be strong on facts and logic, and willing to take the fight to the Left, if we want our Constitution to be more than just a tattered piece of paper.

By the way, this bit of Israeli satire, especially the first minute or so, explains a lot.  An awful lot.

UPDATE:  One more.  You have to read this one, regarding the lunacy of the Left’s instantaneous negative reaction to LaPierre’s proposal.

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  • JKB

    I didn’t go back and check the earlier posts but did some one link to this very good article in the Atlantic: 
    The Secret History of Guns 
    I didn’t know the modern gun control was instigated to stop the Black Panthers from lawfully open carrying firearms which they did as they monitored the police interactions with blacks.  I’m not fan of the Panthers but they seem to have been just putting their civil rights in California’s face.

  • Wolf Howling

    1.  As to your surprise at holstering a gun in a bra, have you never heard of a gun rack?
    2.  As to the lunacy of the left’s reaction to LaPiere, I think that is symptomatic of something far more profound.  They feel that they are on the rise and they have no intention of taking prisoners.  The left’s calls for tolerance were much like Allah’s calls for the same – they lasted only as long as they were the weaker.

  • Danny Lemieux

    This is interesting. Apparently, President Bill Clinton put into place a plan and funding to place police in schools. The Obama administration cut the funding.

    So we have the Obama administration gun-running fully automatic weapons to Mexico, slashing prosecution of gun-law violations at home, cutting funds for school security, pushing the disarmament of law-abiding citizens, funding virulently anti-American Jihadis in Libya and Syria, sending advanced weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, undermining our allies in Jordan, Israel, the U.K. and Latin America 

    Forget Cloward-Piven. I am starting to believe that their strategy is “Helter Skelter”. 

  • Ron19

    With all the many things that can go in your bra, why are you suprised that one of them is a gun?

  • Ymarsakar

    I actually would implement a program to teach kids lethal H2H methodology, sourced primarily or entirely from Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training system. Overall, it would educate them more on violence than 20 years in the public school system.
    Where I live in/around, people sometimes have kids as young as six learn how to shoot lethal .22 caliber guns. Maybe airsoft for the truly reckless to start off with.
    The physical part isn’t the hard one, it’s the mental one. Unlike guns, which only require the intent to pull a trigger, and the force from rotation and penetration unleashes automatically from the linear vector of the barrel and impact of the bullet, H2H lethal methods require real intent. The true Void that Miyamoto Musashi spoke about. Survival instincts. The “Zone” as snipers sometimes call it. Machine-killer instincts.
    Most people are so socialized that they can’t bear to actually attack anyone, except as  joke or in fun or because they are afraid. Getting rid of those emotions and replacing them with an actual plan, motivation, and plan would “harden” those soft targets: kiddies. Making it more likely mass murderers would go after other targets, or no targets whatsoever.
    Then again, my thinking is rather out of the norm. Judging by the fact that I was thinking about how best to infiltrate a military base and kill all the civilian/military personnel on/near the base, months before Ft. Hood ever came on anyone’s 4 star shouldered radar. I was considering it in the context of what Obama and Democrats would get out of it, in order to declare “emergency rule”, and the proper way in which to counter it, should it happen.

  • Ymarsakar

    Danny, the evil of the Left knows no bounds. I was less surprised by the extent of their power base and human sacrifices than I was by the fact that few people were willing to admit such things outloud.