Bouncing from one crisis to the next

overwhelmed person with pillow over her headMy legal work and the world’s headlines have something in common which is that, long before one fire is quenched, another even worse fire is popping up.  On good days, one fire is nothing.  Several make themselves known.  It seems impossible that anyone can bring these raging fires under control — and, indeed, in the rush and the struggle, botched efforts at control often result in outcomes worse than if we’d just left things alone.

It’s tempting to bury ones head under a pillow and hope that everything will just go away.  The fact is, though, that part of wisdom is recognizing what things must be left to themselves and things that must be addressed — and must be addressed vigorously.

I’m thinking about our proposed world leaders from 2016 forward, and I have to admit that I’m finding Carly more appealing.  She’s not a one trick pony.  Ask her a question and she has an answer — and it’s usually a damn good one.  I so hope she doesn’t disappoint me anytime soon.

As for me, I’ve been addressing the demands on me with vigor for the past several months.  I have not enjoyed the process.  I’ve neglected friends, neglected home maintenance, neglected family, definitely neglected blogging, abandoned exercise, and generally let legal deadlines become so predominant that there’s been no room in my life for anything else.  I need to change that.  This is not a status quo that works for me.

Please bear with me for a few more days as I try to wrangle all the cats squalling around me.  I have more than 800 emails to go through, bills to pay, a few more (thankfully not big or bad) legal briefs to write, more doctor’s appointments for my mother, etc., but I think (hope) I’m getting a handle on the existing fires and have put down enough “professional fire retardant” to prevent any new ones from flaring.

Incidentally, part of what I’m using to control the chaos is Microsoft’s OneNote, which I’ve mentioned before as a great product that really works for me.

Anyway, I’m off to drive kids’ places, shop for food, make dinner, go exercise (God willing!), and generally keep up with and ahead of things.  If I’m lucky, I’ll blog tonight.  If I’m not, I’ll blog tomorrow because I have no deadlines tomorrow!!!! Yay!.

The Bookworm Beat 6-21-15 — “Happy Father’s Day” edition and Open Thread

Woman-writing-300x265Happy Father’s Day to all of you!  And now to business:

The Democrat slate is a joke

I find it incredibly amusing to read how Hollywood’s uber-rich, consumer-lifestyle Progressives are turning out for Bernie Sanders, the political fad of the week. The same holds true for Colorado’s affluent crunchy Lefties who also think the man who promises to destroy their lifestyles is wonderful. Clearly, the richer the Leftie, the more serious the brain rot. They’re like cockroaches celebrating the candidate who promises to house them in Roach Motels and perfume them with Raid.

In the sane world, people considering the two slates of candidates — Republican versus Democrat — have noticed that the Democrat candidates are a pathetic bunch, made up of a creepy old socialist, an utterly corrupt sociopath with American blood on her hands, a failed mayor and governor who is loathed by those over whom he had control and, as a backup, a faux Indian and populist.

Of course, we Republicans have our joke candidates too

I’ve often send over the past few weeks that, while I don’t feel all the Republican candidates are qualified to be President, or even Vice President, they all have something to offer and it’s an excellent thing for the American people to have their voices heard.

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Finally on the home stretch

I wrapped up the big deadline projects today, and came home utterly exhausted. With the best will in the world, writing wasn’t going to happen. Tomorrow, I have a couple of loose ends to wrap up, but I really do think this manic work schedule will finally end. Not a moment too soon, either. I really and truly do not like doing legal work. This is an old client who needs help, and I’m happy to help, but not at a pace that drives everything else in my life to a standstill.

Anyway, I’ve got a few posts in mind, a lot of wonderful articles and, with luck, some future energy for writing. As it is now, I’m going to try to workout tonight (burn energy tonight in the hope of greater strength tomorrow) and, in the next post, I’ll show you the Watcher’s Council stuff, I get to read tonight.

I’ve missed you all a great deal — I really do feel as if there’s an ongoing conversation at this site.

What’s in a name? Liberal guilt, apparently, when the name is Hispanic

It’s spring, so I had a graduation to attend (which was just one of the many reasons I haven’t been able to get any blogging done). It was a very nice graduation, in a pretty suburban setting. The students were shiny and happy. I’d say roughly 70% were some type of white ethnicity (WASP, Jewish, Greek, Russian, etc.), another 15% were Asian, and the remaining 15% were everything else. This is, after all, one of those nice affluent suburbs Obama wants to destroy.

I should add here that you’d look long and hard to find a racist in this community. What’s keeping minorities away isn’t redlining and bad attitude (no crosses being burnt on lawns here). Instead, it’s simple economics. Despite 60 years of Democrat-led or -inspired social and economic policies being directed towards minority uplift, few minorities are being uplifted to my highly Progressively white enclave.

Anyway, back to the graduation. When the speeches and songs were over, and it was time to hand out diplomas, the task went to two of the school’s multiple vice principles, both women with Anglo names. The women began reciting the students’ names — Anglo, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, etc. — all in flat, totally American accents. That is, they did this until they got to students with Hispanic names. Every time that happened, the women suddenly sounded as if they were applying for a job on one of Rosetta Stone’s newest “Learn Spanish” video. Every “R” was rolled, every guttural consonant was coughed out. And then, after the student with the Hispanic name accepted his or her diploma, that flat, American accent returned.

I’ve commented before (although I can’t find my earlier comment) about the exact same phenomenon on NPR — and I can guarantee you that two administrators at a public school in Marin regularly tune in to NPR. The NPR talking heads make no effort with German names (it’s “Munich,” not “Munchen”), or Russian names, or French names (it’s “Paris,” not “Paree”), or Chinese names, or American-black names, but when it comes to Hispanic names, they all sound as if they’re trying to outdo Mel Blanc’s over-the-top Speedy Gonzalez accent.

I swear to you that when you get Progressives near Hispanic names, they suddenly turn into the white liberal equivalent of Key and Peele’s famous substitute teacher:

This is the weekend where I take control. (Hah!)

OverwhelmedThe last few days have seen me drowning in work and family maintenance. Today, I was going to blog, but was so exhausted I slept until 9:30 (highly unusual) and now I have to go on a family outing. I do plan on writing this afternoon. Right up until I got so tired last night that my eyes started crossing, I was able to get a little reading down, so I’ve fueled my brain.

Some questions for you, if you’d like to answer:

Will the white NAACP leader get a pass because she “feels” black or will she be the whole in the dyke regarding this whole “Treat me as a [woman/man/it] because that’s how I feel” movement?

What do you think of the defeat of TPP? Apparently it’s quite an ordinary thing for presidents to have the right to negotiate, which is why Republicans were going along with it. It’s the only way to get trade agreements negotiated, because two legislative bodies, with more than 600 members, are too sluggish and fractious to engage in negotiations. The fact is, though, that ordinary conservatives distrust Obama so much they don’t want to give him any authority to do anything at all. And of course the Left is in thrall to unions who resent free trade. A strong, trusted leader could have overridden both types of fears.

Was the Dallas PD attack a one-off, or is this the culmination of the whole anti-police movement the Left has fomented?

Will Romney run? (Oh, God! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Utterly random thoughts

Woman-writing-300x265A sentence that sums up a narcissist:  In his or her own mind, no matter the numbers involved, the narcissist is always a majority of one.

Sales on ice cream are God’s way of telling you it’s okay to indulge.

I don’t get how gays can claim they’re born that way while at the same time supporting the argument that fixed sexual orientation is a social construct and that sexuality is naturally fluid and changing.

There are very few things in an ordinary American’s life that chocolate can’t fix or improve.

I’m pretty sure that my moral beliefs and my philo-Christian outlook were formed by the fact that, when I was about 5 or 6, my father found at a used-book store and brought home for me the multi-volume set of Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, which I read and re-read with an enthusiasm approaching fanaticism.  It wasn’t until years later that my surprised parents discovered that the books were essentially evangelical tracts.

Bookworms are never lonely.

Bruce Jenner’s revelations

Bruce Jenner as I remember him from his Olympic days (which is when I stopped paying attention to him too).

Bruce Jenner as I remember him from his Olympic days (which is when I stopped paying attention to him too).

You realize, of course, that it was much braver of Jenner to come out as a Republican than it was for him to come out as a transgender person. As for me, I hope he’s very happy, but I’m going to be very politically incorrect and say that I don’t really care what he does with himself to achieve that happiness — as long as he doesn’t make me pay for it or harm others in the process.

The Bookworm Beat 4-18-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Today is the 109th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake.  I have no reason for mentioning this other than that I thought you might like to know.

A friend other than my dear Caped Crusader sent me this awesome collection of political cartoons.  I don’t know if he wants me to mention his name, but my thanks do go out to him.  (You know who you are.)  One thing:  I’m not sure if it’s my vision or if these are all slightly blurry.  If the latter, don’t let that deter you from enjoying them:

Pearl Harbor a limited air strike not an act of war

Obama worst president ever

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