Conservative media errs in attack on photo of Obama trying to spell O-H-I-O

I’ve really been shocked with the way the conservative media has been misrepresenting a campaign tweet photo that shows Obama and some supporters trying to spell “Ohio” with their arms.  All the conservative media keeps saying they’re spelling O-I-H-O.  As if!  In fact, if you look at the photo, it’s even more pathetic than that:

Obama and his dudes are spelling O-I-H-I.

Now, we know one of the people in that photo went to a pricey private school, followed by a couple of Ivy League schools.  And yet….  Maybe the teleprompter was broken.

The Dems’ latest attack on Romney is on the subject of education.  Romney, himself a product of the Ivy League when it still actually taught something, has been suggesting that parents might want to be smart consumers when it comes to their children’s education.  I agree — smart consumers opt out of the bubble that has them spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (or taking on that much in debt) so that their children can learn about the more sordid side of sex, without such tiresome impediments as simple spelling.